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Audioengine A5+
O.K. Mister Audioengine dealer. Just one fact. It's not about the price, It's about the sound. 
Audioengine A5+
Oh,Yes after I heard Focals sitting next to A5+.Too bad for A5+. 
Audioengine A5+
Yes, I did. And not just me. You should try to. 
Audioengine A5+
Compared to the Focal XS Book they are joke. 
Bass leaves after amp warms up?
Where?? To kitchen? 
Where to go from Rogue M-150 amps?
Go to M-151 
Sub placement
Try on the roof. It might work 
My JL Audio sub is dead. What exactly happened?
OMG. Could be tsunami or hurricane. 
How do you determine how much to spend on speakers
That's easy one. How much money do you have in your pockets?What a question! 
speaker break-in, how loud?
First two days 50-70MPH. Later faster 
Speakers vs. headphones
The Mariachi Band 
Need Help finding Speakers Budget 20,000 US
An I-pod with the huge 5 way headphones. 
Harbeth Compact 7s vs. Pioneer's $129 speakers
Good lord. Next you'll try and tell us there's a better vacuum cleaner than a Dyson. Funny story. I went to a vacuum cleaner shop with my wife to purchase a vacuum cleaner. I was talking to the owner and asked him about Dyson. He asked me to follo... 
Harbeth Compact 7s vs. Pioneer's $129 speakers
Oh, Yes. I still have Pioneer S-1010 speakers and theyoutperformed many speakers including Harbeth M40.1,Dynaudios and other so call "HI END Speakers" 
looking for nice PC trio
Buy Focal XS Book, give them 100+ hours and you will be amazedwith the sound. AE 5+ cannot come even close. Did I mentioned,NO SUB NEEDED. I heard them in my friend's apartment. They outperformed Paradigm Studio 20. I couldn't believe. A weeklater...