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Review: KCI Silkworm Plus Interconnect
Rja,Well I am incredibly late on this but I feel compelled to reply. We brought this to the attention of Vampire right after this review was posted and they did look into what may have caused this. I cannot say for a fact that the problem has been... 
PI Audio Uberbuss
Thankful,I apologize for the delay, had totally forgotten about this review. And yes, I am still using the Uberbuss to this day, it's easy to hide and does a great job. I have not used any high end conditioners but am very happy with this one so I... 
No more delays for posts showing up?
Peter,I, like you, am on the black list and don't know why. My posts take HOURS to show up yet some of my friends can post instantly-very frustrating. I've even helped AudioGon in the past when they were having so many fraudulent sellers show up b... 
KCI Pure Gold and the benefits
Wow, this thread still lives!! Glad you liked what you heard Denon1, your set is coming along nicely.Lall,Great question, thank you. As you know gold pricing is VERY volatile and prices have fallen over the last week or so, but, KCI has held firm ... 
Alon/Nola sound
I recently purchased a pair of the Nola KO's and am VERY happy with their performance. Currently have them with Pass Labs XA-100.5's but Carl says I haven't heard them until I try tubes with them, going to have to do that as if they're better with... 
Dacs For My Devore Nines and Leben
Meitner MA-1 might be one to put on your list as well. 
Tidal Speakers owners
Not sure of an exact ship date but Jorn was thinking sometime in June but June is almost gone. :( I'm in no big rush(though I am excited to see/hear & touch them), I'm sure he'll get those babies out soon. Have you received your Diaceras yet? 
Tidal Speakers owners
Time is probably getting close for me, I'm sitting on "pins & needles" waiting to hear from good ole Jorn!! 
PSB Stratus Gold upgrade to PSB Synchrony One
Those Goldi's and Silveri's were/are just excellent speakers. Saw a set for sale in my area for $600 a while back, should've jumped on them but just don't have the room anymore, I've got too much stuff already. I'd keep the Golds and save a bunch ... 
Tidal Speakers owners
I'm soon to join the club and become a "Tidalist". Well you guys did it, cost me a small fortune. ;) I went ahead and ordered a pair of the Piano Cera's! Actually I ordered them a while back after reading this thread (and a few others), talking to... 
Wilson Sophia III vs Sasha
Hi Peter,Sorry, forgot about my question. Glad to hear you got the Sasha's, they seem to be a fantastic speaker. Please let us know your thoughts after they arrive. 
Marten django how does it sound
After it's big debut I was hoping to see some members thoughts on it but nothing as of yet. Anyone??? 
Tidal Speakers owners
Linkster,Oh man, damaged!?! Glad you had insurance on those babies. So you originally had the white drivers and the black drivers are newer/better? Do you know the difference between the two drivers? Thanks for the info, glad your speakers are bei... 
Tidal Speakers owners
Oops, sorry about that! Well now that I've got your attention how are you feeling about your Ceras Linkster? Still loving them as much as when new? 
Anyone auditioned Pass Labs XP-30 preamp?
Peterayer,I just read the review in TAS as well and agree with you; a little disappointed. It wasn't as informative as I'd hoped, was short and well.....I expected more for such a great piece with little to no publicity.