Integrated amp recommendation for B&W 805 D3 (Peachtree, Parasound, Hegel, Schiit?)

Hi, I just bought a pair of used B&W 805 D3 with the stand. I want to upgrade from my current Peachtree audio Decco 65, which sounds fine, but I am sure the B&W deserve better. I would like to spend around $2K for the amplification. I am OK buying used or refurbished. After reading a lot of reviews, I am considering another integrated amp, like the Peachtree Nova150 ($1800) or Nova 300 ($2500), Parasound Halo Integrated ($2500), Hegel H80 ($2000). Another possibility would be the Schiit Audio Ragnarok ($1700) and a separated DAC maybe the Schiit Audio Gungnir.

Any recommendation?

I have had a Parasound Halo Integrated in my secondary system for about 1 1/2 years. I love this amp! Remember, the Peachtree amps are Class D where the Parasound is Class AB and the circuits are designed by John Curl. I am running it with a pair of GE Triton 2 speakers, soon to be Triton Ones. It is also dead quiet, has a good mm/mc phono stage, headphone amp, built in dac, etc.

BTW:  why the 2 of the same postings?

All are good options. Perhaps one of the dedicated Bowers & Wilkins forum threads would also be a good place to ask the question. Pairing and synergy with your speakers is important and they will have more experience with your specific speakers, etc.
Stereo5: thanks for your comments about Class D vs. Class AB.

David_ten: I have been looking for Bowers & Wilkins forum threads, they are not easy to find :)
Search for B&W in the forums at AVS,, ....

I have B&W 805 D2 speakers.  Generally, you want high current large power supply amplifiers for this speaker.  In your choices, I would go Parasound Halo Integrated because it has the largest transformer and power supply.

I would look at the audioaficionado forums for B&W.  They have a specific subforum for B&W only.  AVS is just painful to read nowadays due to all the paid advertisements (pages are slow to load and can lock up Internet Explorer from all the gunk in the pages).

Yeah, AVS is painful.  Between the ads and those pushing their agendas instead of agreeing to disagree, I tend to go elsewhere.  I concur with the Parasound comment too.
I also agree with the above Forum Opinion. I used to be a regular poster their not anymore. I find the crowd too aggressive in pushing their agendas and marketing products. Specially the 20,000 Plus HT Equipment Threads. That Forum is also now run by a company for profit rather than by Audiophiles or those into Audio in general.


I've had B&W 804S for several years since they were the new thing. At the time I upgraded amplification I did some listening at audio stores carrying B&W and different amp brands. I really liked McIntosh. My final audition was with the 804S and a Mc system where we switched from MC252 (250W solid state) to MC275 (75W tubed). I preferred the MC275 and have had it since. It has enough power for the 804 so I imagine it also does for the 805.
There is a McIntosh integrated that has the same amp section as the MC275. Maybe you can get one used?
Parasound..integrated..has a very good dac built in. 
I ended up with a Peachtree Nova150, but I am craving a warmer sound so I am considering an integrated tube amp (and getting a separate DAC). Here is my short list: 1-Cronus Magnum II, 2-PrimaLuna Premium Integrated, or 3-Raven Audio Nighthawk MK2 Integrated. I am lucky to live close to Upscale Audio in La Verne CA, so I hope I can audition the PrimaLuna soon.
Follow your ears. All good choices. 

I'd pay attention to what is ahead of the integrated tube amps you are demoing...this may help focus your DAC choice. 
I would suggest the Hegel H160 at minimum. It's a much better amp and B&Ws need power.
Parasound.... no doubt.