Impulsive audio purchase

While browsing the "new today" offerings I came across 2 LP's I've always admired. before I knew what was happening my brainstem took over and I made a deal to purchase them. Afterwards reality set in and I realized I don't own a turntable and haven't for 20 years, I don't own a pre-amp, and my audio stand can't fit any more equipment. Am I insane or are ther others who have made a similarly impulsive decision? If you have did you later regret it? [ps-anyone got any suggestions on how I can explain this to my wife?
Noonen:...... You are what we call. WAAAAY beyond help.I could understand, say If you had the reg. cd,but bought the MoFi cd. Must have been one great price.Reminds me of the line from a Woody Allen movie:.....Two old ladies coming out of a restaurant;one remarks, to the other,how bad the food was,the other agrees,and adds,"and such small portions". I'm sure your wife loves you;a guy with such honesty. Just resell them to another guy with no TT,should be easy!!
watch your mouth Avguygeorge! I recently catalogued my CD collection and found I have two MoFi CDs that are identical (and I don't like either one!) Noonen, you obviously have a strong subconscious desire to return to the womb. Just buy a turntable....Your friend Sigmund
Snooker- what are the dups?
The fact that we have gone so far to read, and then even write or reply to these posts says it all. Fear not Noonen, I believe you are in good company.
Been there Noonen. I've got several duplicates of CDs some were bought intentionally, some not. But last summer I had a brief fling with LPs (again) and acquired a LOT of them. It was painful to get rid of them, but I ended up keeping and framing five because of the great cover art. I think we're all various degrees of hopeless. Cheer-up, it could have been a $5K amp. Craig.
Noonen: See if you can get them burned to CD. You can then listen to the CD and look at the album cover. You probably had this in mind when you purchased them, but just forgot.
waita minute here. what's impulsive and whataya need to explain to the wife? can anyone here honestly say they've read every book they ever bought cover-to-cover? now before you get all smug on me, remember that you were probably assigned "moby dick" in one course or another. i see nothing wrong with a collection of a couple of dozen records you'll never play. don't all you guys remember keeping that hopeful rubber in your wallet so long it impressed its perfect roundness permanently into the leather?
Beautiful, Cornfed, I liked that with the prefect roundness and Noonen, please listen to Sigmund and buy a TT.
Swampwalker: Jean Michel Jarre "Oxygene" original master recording. I did like it at one time, but not for long.
Snooker- I'll pass. BTW, I end with dups occassionally too, but I do have a CD and a TT (however, right now I'm running a line stage). I havent bought any LPs in a while but I do admit to considering some. Pretty expensive software since it would run me $500 for a used Black cube.
Snooker, I can't believe you're worried when all you bought were a couple of LPs you can't listen to. I've bought: cables, preamps, stands, and even amps that I don't need at all, but have been curious about and saw on Audiogon at great prices. I don't have any idea what is wrong with me.
I meant to reply to Noonen, not Snooker. Sorry!
Impulsive Audio Purchase - Is there any other kind?
Ghostrider is right on. A good deal comes along on something that i was interested in and WHAM, i'll take it. A perfect case in point: I have a Marantz Model 8 that i bought in the middle of last year. It's still sitting, collecting dust.

As to Sarah, are you single ??? : ) We sound like a match. Only problem is that we would probably run out of room with all of the extra gear that both of us have acquired : ) Sean
You are not alone. Once in a while my sensibilities take a vacation and I bid on an auction that looks like it might be a good deal. I have hit some real winners (Linn Index Monitors), and a few pieces of **** (AMC amp). Don't give up, most people who have this hobby are decent and honest, and for thoose who aren't, we learn from our mistakes.
Hi Sean, no I'm not single, but if I had hooked up with another audiophile not only would our house not have enough rooms, we would also run out of money FAST. Right now, I am down to two excellent systems, one on each floor of my townhouse (why the need for a stereo in every room? you tell me), and no extra equipment stashed under the beds, in the basement, or in the attic. I am proud of myself. for now.
I made one rash, expensive consumer decision in my life - I bought a Bryston amp six months ago. Now I don't regret it but it just seemed to create more rash decisions. So my New Years resolution was to keep the rash decisions to software. Much cheaper. Maybe Ghostriders' right and that's the definition of an audiophile.
That's great Noonen, and yes I hate to say it but I tend to do that alot with the ease of the internet. Once I get it, it sheepishly sits in a corner or cabinet untill I finally sell it. Only problem is I can never find myself to buy it from myself so it's a sure 20% looser! But hey, look at the bright side, it's still a better investement than the stock market, so I guess you actually are making money. Yea, that's it, making big money! J.D.
I recently went on a tear of what I thought were rash buys ... I was hooked ... scanning New Today once every 15 minutes looking for a great deal. First it was a new AC3, then new amps, then speaker cables and stands. Every new part made the system sing unlike ever before. Then, last week a friend of mine brought a CJ pre over for me to listen to. I paid him on the spot and I am without the urge to keep upgrading. The sound is so far ahead of where it was the day before I can't stop pulling CDs off the rack and playing them. Now all I want to do is go buy newe CDs.
In response to Sarah's question along with something that fits into this thread, i ended up with 5 systems and plenty of "spare" gear due to "impulsive / compulsive buying syndrome" : )

I simply found really good deals on various pieces that i had always wanted to try out and experience first hand. Like anything else that i get interested in, it took off from there. The stuff that i liked, i kept or put into systems for friends. The stuff that i didn't care for went out the door. I ended up selling some stuff that i did like but just didn't have use for anymore a while back simply to make room for other gear that will eventually find it's way into my possession. It's getting pretty close to "house cleaning" time again though.

As to the five systems, I had the gear ( with plenty to spare ), so why not ? I have a large HT system (6000+ watts & 16 woofers) in the living room that my girlfriend and i make use of on weekends, a tri-amped system using six mono blocks (in a total state of dis-assembly now) in the listening room, a system consisting of 800 wpc monoblocks and omnidirectional single driver speakers in the puter room, a bedroom system with "tiny" Quad electronics and stand mounted monitors with dual subs that my girlfriend listens to every night while reading or relaxing and a basement system using large modified horns that will probably end up going all tube.

The nice thing about this is that each system has different "priorities" and "flavours". As such, i can listen to something in one system and come away with specific thoughts and feelings about that recording and then pop it into another system at a different time and come away with a whole new perspective on it. I'm not limited to having only one take on a specific recording or type of system. I can simply get up and walk from a "detailed" system to one that is "musical" or "dynamic" or "smooth", etc... I have them ALL at my disposal. Quite honestly, i could have never afforded ANYTHING like this if it wasn't for shrewd shopping and places like Audiogon, Audioweb, Audioreview and Audioshopper. Like most of you, i've built my systems up slowly and done it for pennies on the dollar. There's been a LOT of trial and error, but hey, that's half the fun... : ) Sean
Wow Sean! I'm glad you don't live here in LA. The rolling blackouts would never stop! To be serious for a moment, it sounds wonderful. Maybe someday...

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