If I like St. Germain I'll like......

Just picked up a copy of St. Germain's Tourist and really like it (someone called it electro-jazz, not sure if the genre label is correct).. Are there any other recommendations if this floats my boat?
Tourist is and will always be one of my favorite guilty pleasures. Whatever genre we call it Tourist hits the sweet spot for me and nothing else-even their other albums-have the same quality and flavor. You might try Down To The Bone's From Manhattan to Staten. They have a bunch of other albums that I haven't heard but I do like that one.
I think you might like Tortoise, especially TNT. Cinematic Orchestra as well. Moby and Gnarls Barkley as well have a similar vibe if maybe in a little more of a pop sense. I've always shied from the most popular stuff and mined deep for the more obscure but recently have been listening to some of these albums from Gnarls Barkley, Moby and Gorrillaz and they are really good and fun to listen to on the hifi.
The great Marc Moulin, sadly deceased in 2008.

You can click through his discography (including the 2009 3cd tribute box) here:

I second Bizango1's recommendation of Down to the Bone-Manhattan to Staten. I would also try Praful-One Day Deep, Four 80 East-en Route, Down to the Bone-The Urban Grooves and Crazy Vibes and Things.
I have that Cinematic Orchestra remix album and it is pretty nice. They even remix some ECM artist that I can't recall.
Guys: thanks for the heads up with Cinematic Orchestra. I picked up Motion the other day and love it. Also interested in band called Skalpel. Anyone heard?
Almost EVERYTHING on the Ninja Tune label is worth a listen. I especially like most of the releases by DJ Food and Kid Koala. Don't think I've heard anything by Skalpel though. Next on my list would be:

Peace Orchestra-Peace Orchestra
Kruder & Dorfmeister-The K&D Sessions
Tosca-Different Tastes Of Honey
It's not quite St. Germain but I just recently discovered Hotel Costes. If you get a chance use grooveshark.com (free music streaming service) or youtube and search for Hotel Costes "Surround Me With Your Love". I think it's amazing. The various drums sound amazing.
If you have never fooled around with these two sites, it could be worth a look. You input something you like, and it shows you other similar artists.The music-map result is graphical.
A great way to explore new artists is to simply create a St. Germain Pandora channel. Just leave it on for a while and bookmark the artist when you hear a song that you like so you can later research their albums. You might also like Cantoma, Afterlife, Redlounge Orchestra.
Aim - Stars on 33
Atjazz - Labfunk
Bugge Wesseltoft
DJ Cam - Soulshine
Cinematic Orchestra
Jon Kennedy
Kruder & Dorfmeister
The Dining Rooms
Ulrich Schnauss
VA - Earth Volume 1 & 3 (LTJ Bukem Earth series)
Herbert - Secondhand Sounds
Wax Poetic

That's all older music, but I'm sure looking through the 'Recommended Items' on amazon/cdnow will lead to many others.
I'm enjoying Thievery Corporation but I wouldn't put them (pure trip-hop) in the same category as St. Germain. I love Cinematic Orchestra and will check out some of the other recommendations.