Anybody Into St. Germain?

I recently picked up St. Germain's Tourist album and I like it, kinda jazz mixed with electronic. Anybody else have this album? Anything you would recommend after listening to it?
I have it! My wife gave it to me for Christmas a couple years ago. It was recommended by Music Direct. Great recording and decent music; kind of like European Techno Pop. Marc Moulin "Top Secret" is another excellent recording in the same vain as the St Germain Tourist.
They're brilliant! As to recommendations, urgently second Hifimaniac on Marc Moulin!

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We have both Tourist and Boulevard; my wife is French and often introduces me to contemporary music from France. I like them but still prefer Massive Attack when listening to that genre. Also Kruder and Dorfmeister from Germany; the K&D sessions, great acid jazz.
Stevecham, have you heard Laurent Garnier (e.g. Public Outburst Live) and Le Peuple de l'Herbe (e.g. Radio Blood Money). With those, we're far away from St. Germain, but given your preference they might be of interest.
Hey Lush ~ Welcome to the jazzy/electronica side. May I suggest the following.

S-Tone Inc. - Luz Y Sombra (well recorded, vocal, french/english, downtempo, jazzy, chill, hard to get but you can purchase on ebay)
Koop - Koop Island (Jazzy, vocal, downtempo)
Tosca - Suzuki In Dub (electronica, dubby, downtempo, trippy)
Yonderboi - Splendid Isolation (electronica, downtempo)
Monte La Rue - Interludia (downtempo, chill)
The K&D Sessions (two disk compilation from Kruder & Dorfmeister)
Saint-Germain-Des-Pres Cafe 9 (jazzy, electronica, vocal two disc compilation)
I can recommend more but it will be too much to list.
Let me know what you think, I highly recommend these. Thx
If you´re into this kind of music, this is the best community in internet: as to the genres, do not miss "broken beat" in you searches (I also started with St Germain and reached here pretty quickly). I might suggest to the list some of my favourites: 4hero, 2 banks of 4, Kyoto Jazz Massive , Jazzanova, Matthew Herbert, everything Dego/Kaidi Tatham/Marc Mac/2000black (I guess all are in myspace, so readily available to check before buy). Sonar Kollektiv, Tru Thoughts are labels that you may wish to check and magazines such as Straight no Chaser (now finished unfortunately), Shook and Wax Poetics. Gilles Peterson BBC radio shows (also beyondjazz and see for are excellent guide of what is happening around. as to the Koop, one should start from their best so far Waltz for Koop.
Fantastic guys! Thanks a bunch!!
just to mention/add, that one of the best labels in the genre started today their sale (vinyl/cds/merhcandise for 10 USD): it would be a great place to start (check for recent NOMO, Owusu & Hannibal, Shawn Lee, but there´s loads of great stuff not electronic jazz, but funk etc). Ubiquity got the most prominent Gilles Peterson Worldwide Award for best label two years ago and it is still doing great. just placed my order and i hope i did not violate any community rules by letting you know of this (otherwise mods are welcomed to remove).
i would add to that Air and Thievery Corporation. Groove Armada is more funky/housy, but super cool too.

Stereolab if you want to go a bit older school.