I woke up to 6" of snow

and my system has never sounded better hahahaha...Maybe the Harbeths are starting to loosen up,after all they only have about 30 hours on them now..What really amazes me is the quiet..I’ve never heard the silence between notes or songs like this..Hard to describe but music just seems to appear from nowhere..
PS:I know 6"of snow is nothing to most folks but in my neck o the woods it turns a really bad traffic situation into Freddy's Nightmare..
Even Freddy had a sense of humor.
Mine was sounding good until the power went out in the middle of a record. 
I was glad to wake up this morning and know that life still wanted me.....
I love snow.What I hate is the ice that forms overnight after a sunny snowy day.Our property and road look like a skating rink:( But it's nice to stay warm inside and listen to music.When you've still got power anyway;)
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Six inches of snow in the Northwest is usually not good. Temperatures often get warm enough for some of the snow to melt and then it gets frozen at night and turns to ice. There are also a lot of trees here. The branches get full of snow and break and take out power lines, they create shade on the roadway so you have patches of ice that are hidden. We had about 100,000 people without power. Mine has been out for almost a day so far and is not scheduled to be restored until tomorrow. No enjoyment of the hobby for me today, unless they get the power restored ahead of schedule.
A little over a foot in my yard in St.Paul and still snowing
But at 12 degrees above not cold . That -30  last week was a bit nippy though .
@big_greg sorry to hear that.Hope you're staying warm.Ice is the worst.
Thankfully I have a propane stove, so I've stayed warm. My power came back on about 45 minutes ago but it's only at 92 volts so none of my equipment works, LOL. I guess I should be thankful for all the power conditioners I have.