i am looking for arm board or mod to fit with Graham B44 tonearm.please advice
Call VPI.....only open Tues-Thur though buisness is that good!
I am a VPI dealer but I have never had an HRX. I do not believe that it uses an armboard, my Aries extended did not. There seems to be a growing consensus that separate arm boards degrade the sound. Ordinarily, the Graham would fit in the same cutout as the VPI arm unless you had the SME mount Graham as I do. However, the HRX uses a 12" arm so this probably wouldn't work. You may well have to purchase another plinth and have it custom cut for your arm. That is one of the best things about VPI, they are entirely modular and parts can be easily transferred. You could drill another hole but it would seriously mar what is a beautiful table. By all means check with Harry, he may have another solution.
Tuesday to Thursday is the way to go. Check with Harry? That will be the day, he is long gone with the junior in charge. Hey, all high end players work only two or three days a week, that is why they need to charge mega bucks.
thanks Stanwal, i agree with you, i just stick with original
Graham will cut a hole for you to mount his arm last time I checked, but cost of this service is quite high due to large amount of metal VPI uses in the plinth. If I recall correctly, it's in the neighborhood of $500.

If you ask VPI, they will question why you want to go down that route since they are confident JMW 12.6/7 is equal or better than Graham Phantom II.
Buconero - I have no idea where you got your 'tude, but I have had NO problem speaking with Harry at VPI. He is at work every day and offers exceptional help and guidance for his customers.
If you truly want to go with the Phantom Mk ii and the HRX, that is your decision. FWIW, I consider the Phantom Mk ii the best non-table specific pivoting arm made. If yes, I would suggest you contact VPI and speak with Mike.

I recently mounted a Graham Phantom Mk ii on my TNT Mk IV using a Bob Graham custom arm board - spoke with Bob directly, gave multiple measurements, etc. While incredibly well made, it did not accomodate the Phantom and Bob's cost for re-machining an already expensive arm board and providing a sub-arm board (yes, it was too thin) was prohibitive.

I called VPI, talked with Sheila and Mike and they offered to machine the arm board FOR FREE - I just had to pay shipping to/from and of course buy a very reasonably priced sub-arm board. They offered to machine something that wasn't even their arm board! I made a donation to their foundation as a show my appreciation.

You cannot go wrong working with VPI. Very good people.