anyone have input on counting crows 2 mfsl discs?

curious if anyone can comment on sonic qualities of the gold cd versions of "august and everything..." and "recovering the satellites" is the difference in the sound worth the added cost of going mfsl?
I have August and Everything After on MoFi and it is better then the regular cd. I consider myself a Counting Crows fan, and the MoFi is better however I don't think it would be worth the expense to purchase this let alone the time to track it down. If it comes across your path at a fair price, then grab it but I wouldn't hunt for it. The MoFi has a bigger soundstage and incredible dynamics on some tracks and the other usual MoFi improvements(some would call them changes), but not the best I have heard. I feel that there new disc Hard Candy has better sonics then the MoFi I have- fwiw.
I don't no anything about the MFSL recordings but I would like to say that I picked up their new greatest hits compilation and am enjoying listening to it. This being my only Counting Crows CD right now.

I picked up the No Doubt g/h too, that's not bad either.

You got to love the Christmas greatest hits releases. It's a great time to pick up some pop without having to spend a fortune.