I want to burn hi-rez DVD audio discs.

Which brand of recordable DVD Audio discs will give me the best sound? I will be downloading & burning Hi-rez music for playback on a $100,000 stereo system. Thanks in advance.
Why burn discs? Direct streaming via a good DAC is the way.

Sony, JVC and Verbatim are my favorites. Little to no errors with these.

The JVC Taiyo Yuden are my favorites http://www.rima.com/prod/1736-100.html The slower the speed the better, IMO. Cheers.
I second Taiyo Yuden - company that invented CDR. Their disks are very high quality and last (in case of CDR) guaranteed 100 years (better photo die).

So far I used many hundreds of Taiyo Yuden CDRs and about 50 of DVD-R with no single defect. All play after many years.

JVC bought them and sells as JVC. Might be difficult to sort out (not that JVC is bad).
i would go with tdk then sony. philips is nice also. but not verbatime.
Use TDK, Sony or Taiyo Yuden. Lowest error rates, and they make their own discs. see link for added info.