Discsolution, anyone tried

I have had great results using Discsolution and wanted to hear if others have had similar results. This is an excellent improvement for a cheap price.
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Ejlif please describe improvements you hear with this product and how do you apply it, I assume this is for CDs. Does this just clean or do something else magical? I think I will test "auric illuminator" on a couple discs, it is two step process recommended by cable company, but requires you to blackout edges of CDs which means they are yours for life, cannot be traded in. Galen Carol really likes "optrix" but I never heard of "discsolution" before. I tried the "blacklight" disc that you put on top CDs after exposing to light (recommended by stereophile) but I heard no improvement in sound..........BTW if all these enhancements worked like Sam Tellig and other writers hype them we would all have a couple drawers of stuff, hehehe
Ejlif, I've also had great results with "Discsolution". Though it does tend to emphasize the upper-midrange so the sound becomes a bit leaner, the improvements in transparency, sounstaging, and imaging are well worth it. I certainly recommend it to those with top level systems.
Megasam, Discsolution comes in a two ounce bottle and you also get a small cloth made of some special material that will not scratch CDs, you can wipe in any direction. I clean all CDs even brand new ones. It seems to do more on some than others, but for me produces a noticable improvement on all CDs. It allows the CD player to obtain more information from the disc. It sounds as if a veil has been lifted providing a more transparent window into the recorded acoustic or whatever. You will hear stuff not before audible on certain discs. For me in certain situations this stuff makes a fundamental diffrence. I had a friend over and we were casually listening to disc I had recorded. We weren't even in the sweet spot. The sound seemed a little grey and hazy compared to normal. I remembered that I hadn't sprayed the disc, so I did and popped it back in the player. It was immediately obvious to me and my friend in the first 5 seconds of sound that it was much better. My friend and I both spray all of our discs now before listening. This stuff is probably one of the cheapest upgrades available. It costs like 30.00 and will do about 200-300 discs. Available from audionut.com
Ejlif, thanks for info. I am very hesitant to put enhancers on CDs because of various fads in the industry. In the late 1980s they had these self adhesive thin plastic rings that you applied to label side to "stablize" disc during rotation, and of course the green pen craze of the early 1990s. Not only do these treatments make discs unsellable in the aftermarket, if you later decide it doesn't sound so good you often can't reverse the process. I purchased some duplicate CDs so I can do some careful comparisons to untreated original, I will be trying "auric illuminator" and "optrix" and now I guess I can try some "DiscSolution". It will have to be a noticable improvement though before I risk appling to my valuable CDs, as I say I am very reluctant to alter stock CD.
i've been using compact disc magic[16.00]the cable company said was better than optrix[i wonder if they tell you what's better for them at a particular time-in stock deciding]i hear all the quailities described with discsolution[more detail,better defined bass-soundstage-instrument placement]seems to make cd's sound a little more analog.does wonders on blank cd's before you burn them.
Megasam, Discsolution is basically invisible, there would be no way to tell if a disc had been treated, in fact if you did treat it, it would be worth more because it would sound better.