Do "gold" discs sound better?

I know HDCD, DVD-A, and SACD sound superior to the standard CD but how much better, if any, are the gold discs or the other "fancy" discs? Thanks.
Hi Steve; I have several gold CDs, and 3-4 where I also have the standard version. The gold CCR Chronicles CDs, may sound a little smoother, but the difference is by no means dramatic. On balance, I've always thought that the gold ones were less fatiguing in long listening sessions.

Muddy Water's "The Healer" is a very good gold CD, but I don't know if there is a standard version of it. I personally think that the care and technique used in mastering of CDs is much more important than whether they are gold or aluminum discs.

The really good CCR CDs though are the recently re-mastered ones (all 8 originals have been done) using the JVC's K2 20 bit Super Coding system. These are clearly superior to the standard CDs or the gold ones. Cheers. Craig.
Agree with Garfish. Gold has mostly nothing to do with it. Quality of the master tape, mastering of the recording and pressing quality. My disc to beat right now is the aluminium XRCD/Fim of 'Jazz at the Pawnshop'
Supposedly, gold is more reflective.
But both Celitc66 and Garfish are right, what really matters is the mastering and the quality control of the manufacturing.

I agree with the above comments, but have yet to find a gold and aluminum version of the exact same CD, meaning same mastering and everything to compare. Pretty much all the gold CD's have very high quality mastering and manufacturing, which accounts for them being superior--likely far more than the gold itself. I personally believe the gold was about 90% marketing and probably less than 10% sonic or longevity contribution.
Agree with the above. Gold looks fancy, but is essentially
irrelevant to the sound. The two consistently best labels
in my experience for sound quality are JVC/XRCD and
Mapleshade, both of which use exclusively aluminum discs.
I agree with the above opinions about gold CDs being more hype. I think that the engineering, mastering and attention to manufacturing details have much more to do wit the sound.

A couple of quibbles:
Craig, isn't "The Healer" a John Lee Hooker album (or is JLH's album "Faith Healer"?).

Jvogt: Mapleshade has at least one non-aluminum CD. I have a copy of Sweetman, "Austin Backalley Blues" that is a gold/copper alloy. Says so on the label, and it's not silver.
Hmm... I always thought the gold was merely a marketing ploy, and that what you were really buying was a better recording. I've replaced certain "standard" CDs in my collection with Gold CDs (e.g., Dylan's Blonde on Blonde, REM's Murmur and Reckoning, esp. Miles' Kind of Blue) and found, in all cases, that the gold version sounded better--not as much compression, better dynamics, less noise.
Mac; you are correct, "The Healer" (gold CD) is by the great John Lee Hooker-- my apologies, and especially to JLH. His duet with Bonnie Raitt "I'm in the Mood" is dyno-supreme. Of course the Muddy Waters disc I had it confused with is "Folksinger"-- an excellent gold CD in its own right-- been having more "senior moments" lately. Thanks. Craig