I need an amp, can any recommend?

I'm looking for an amp or mono blocks that won't be an exorbitant expense. Here's what I have. What do you guy think would be the best match for the lease coin?

Music Hall 7

Audible Illusions Mod 3a

KEF 104/2

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Wyred 4 Sound offers many.
Huge bang for the buck.
Used also on Audiogon.
ill check them out, thanks!
I'd hazzard a guess that some of the smaller McCormack amps might work well.
I drive my KEF's (not 104/2's) with an Aragon amp. For my taste, it seems like a pretty good match. Consider either a 4004 series or an 8008 series amp.
I would consider a Parasound Halo A23 (A21 if you want/need more power), or with the sensitivity of those speaker maybe a tube amp such as a Prima Luna?

The Wyred for Sound are supposed to be great, I have not heard them personally, but everyone I know who hears them loves them.

Also, you may look at some of the previous generation Bel Canto amps, lots of power, smooth sound, and tons of operational flexibility.

good luck.
I second McCormack amps-very musical.
http://www.emotiva.com/xpa5.shtm, the way to go.
What is your budget and room size?
Your speakers are 90 db efficient and 4 ohms nominal impedance. I haven't heard that model, but the KEF speakers I have heard are reasonably bass-heavy and benefit from clean amplification.

I third the suggestion of the McCormack, and would also add Monarchy SE-100, Musical Fidelity A3.2cr, and Classe CA-100.

It depends largely on your budget and listening preferences.

It's been a long time since I auditioned the 104/2's but I seem to remember liking them quite a bit with Bryston amplifiers, of which there is currently a nice selection for sale on Audiogon. Several of the above recommendations also sound promising but I never heard them paired with the Kefs.
If you want monos look at the TAD 125s from Tube Audio Design. I have them driving my Vandy 3A sigs.
What about a Dynaco by Bill Latino. I'm hearing great things about this amp. thoughts?

Why not try an Audible Illusions amp? I'm sure the manufacturer went to great lengths to get their equipment to work well together.Just a thought.Good luck in your search.
thanks all