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Got $ should I spend it?
Im in the get a new girlfriend camp. It took a divorce for me to be able to enter the high end market. At times miss the ex but the music is 100% enjoyment. I got the stereo, the house, and the new car, in that order. Got the house for the reason ... 
What percentage of audiophiles use a sub ?
I love music. The older music from the 60's and 70's with minimal bass and the newer music with great bass. I am a bass lover. I bought a stand alone home so I wouldn't bother others with bass and the volumes I still enjoy. In your face rock is st... 
Which cost more: your system or your car?
MY SYSTEM. car 2008 honda accord V6 
Mcintosh mx 136. a good deal?
Thanks Theo. I feel pretty good about this. The unit retails for $10,800 with the tuner. I am going to try and sell him my Anthem AVM30 pre-processor for $500, leaving me with $3,500 out of pocket. Feeling pretty safe about it. Thank you for your ... 
Mcintosh mx 136. a good deal?
Thank you Theo. You make some very good points. Blu Ray isn't a priority at this point. To pose the question again.If I buy this for $4,000 and for some reason don't like it can I recover most of my investment here on Agon? 
Speaker Question...first post on the gon
I have the definitive technology BP7000SC's and love them 
Need small subwoofer for thump
There is a new supercube 1 on ebay right now for $874 and a used supercube 2 for $600. Goodluck on your project. 
Need small subwoofer for thump
The supercube 3 has a 7.5 in driver.The supercube 2 has a 8 in driver.My money is on the supercube 1 with a 10 inch driver.I have 2 supercube reference subs (ea with 14 in driver) in a room double the size of yours and they are great. 
high end subwoofer...which one tho?
I have 2 definitive technology supercube reference subs in a 14 x 22 foot room. These have one 14 inch sub with two 14 in radiators. Internal amp 1800 watts. They are awesome for two channel and HT. cost $1900 each. 
I need an amp, can any recommend?
What is your budget and room size? 
Upgrading Home Theater speakers. Need some help.
I have the Definitive Technology BP7000SC's with 4 BPVX's surrounds with a 3000 center channel. They are very well matched. I paid $8500 for the set. Sounds great for HT and great for two channel. The 7000's have a 14 inch supercube sub built in w... 
Your First Concert was.....
REO Speedwagon. Summer 1974. I was 13. 
Speakers for Rock Music
correction 115 db 
1 Def Tech Supercube II vs 2 Def Tech ProSub 200TL
I have the pro sub 200 left over from a system of long ago. It is very weak. I am not an authority on subs but I would think 1250 watts out of an 8 inch would move more air than 2 12 inch subs pushing 250 watts. But I may be wrong. Good luck. 
Speakers for Rock Music
Definitive Technology BP7001sc's. They have a built in powered 10 sub w/a 1500 watt amp. On ebay now for about $2500. I have the BP7000sc's and love them. They will go to 155db no problem. Good luck