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1 Def Tech Supercube II vs 2 Def Tech ProSub 200TL
What is your room size?What is your budget?The supercube 2 is a 8 inch 1250 watt sub for $899 new.The Pro Sub 200 is a 12 inch 250 watt sub, not sure price.My room size is 14 x 22 and I have 2 Supercube Reference Subs and they sound great. They ru... 
Who R U?
47 yo male. Chicago. medical sales. started this spiral 5 years ago. 
What's your profession? Age?
47. medical sales. 2 channel $22,000 HT add $10,000 more 
Omni Speaker Options
Definitive Technology Bipolars BP7000SC, a value for $5500. Give them a listen 
best match for Macintosh MC352
thanks everyone for your input 
Survey-What is your most used source?
100% CD 
best match for Macintosh MC352
Thanks Theo. I am the inexperienced idiot here. Failed to say that I have the MC352 and love it!!! It sounds great at 3 watts or 300!!! I can listen to this set up for hours on end. What I am wondering, if I wasn't clear, was will I see a differen... 
best match for Macintosh MC352
Thanks Theo. To further elaborate I have Def Tech matching components. 4 BPVX surrounds and a CLR3000 center channel with a 10 inch powered sub. Happy with them. The surrounds are powered by a Anthem MCA 50 @ 180 wpc x 5 channels. I am overall hap... 
How much does your system retail for?
$22,000 two channel, plus another $10,000 for HT 
Personal speaker evolution
JBL L40 circa 1976 $450Bose 501 circa 1989 $500Definitive Technology BP7000SC circa 2005 $5000 
interested in exploring classical
thank you everone for you posts so far. i can't wait to get started!!!