I need a bright detailed 300 used speaker cable

I recently purchased a pair of Silverline SR 12's and find them toooo polite, soft, and rolled-off in the treble when using Linn LK20's. I need 12 ft or longer, and would prefer a bi-wired pair with bananas, but I can live with single-wiring. I've heard that Nordost might fit the bill.


Analysis plus copper oval cables would probably have the effect you want.
That's a 300 DOLLAR speaker cable (sorry about that). Also, I'm hooking up the speakers to a Linn Classik.
JPS Labs w/rhodium spades will brighten it up.
Nordost would fit the bill, as would the others mentioned above (JPS and A Plus). I guess for $300 it would be a pair of Blue Heaven or a short pair of Red Dawn,
The AP's seem to have different effects in different systems. Some folks love the Oval 9's and some hate them. I found them very lean at the bottom end and smeared up top. The Nordost's are also somewhat lean but much more focused and cohesive sounding.

Since i'm running my mouth again, i would suggest separate runs of cables if you really want to get the best from bi-wiring. A run of Kimber 8PR or VS for the bottom and Kimber 4PR or VS for the top would give you the effects that you are looking for and be reasonably low cost. The VS is slightly smoother and not quite as bright as the PR while also costing slightly more, so depending on how "bright" you want it, you can spend more or less. Sean
Silver or silver combos will usually give you that touch to varying degrees. Audio magic - Homegrown Audio are brighteners.
Thanks, guys! Your suggestions are extremely helpful.
Try the Alpha Core speaker cables as well; they are available quite cheap and come in silver or copper. I found the Linn cables themselves quite bright; are they in your price range? It seems a pair of them might work well w/your setup.
Sarah, by suggesting the Goertz / Alphacore cables, i assume that you found them to be bright ? Sean
I can second Seans' suggestion of the red dawn, having owned a pair....lean and detailed, tilted up a bit to my ears[ultra detailed].....I would imagine they would sing on tubes....good luck.
Kimber Kable 8tc is zippy and detailed. Can be internally biwired as well. Used, easily within your budget.
Hi Sean--yes I thought the Alpha Core were brighter than the Analysis Plus Oval 9's! I know others' experience differs.
I like the Nordost (Blue Heaven) as well. Often people do not mention the amazing bass these have. You want a very good source with these as they can sound a little thin in the high end otherwise, (as opposed to bright - to my ears).
Thanks for the support and contradictions folks : ) This is kind of a funny thread. Obviously different systems and different people experience different results. Sometimes VERY different. It just goes to show that you really do need to experiment and see what works best for you and your system. At least we've found out that we can "typically" post our personal results, even if they do differ significantly, and agree to disagree.

And to think, this IS a "wire & cable" thread too : ) Sean