i need a beter interconnects to my systam

i"m looking for interconnects that will sound beter from
the XLO 1.1 that i"m use today.
the XLO are a little thin to me.
my amp is MARK LEVINSON 23.5 and my pre is LEVINSON NO.26
the cd player is BAT.
i love the sound netural,dynamic,well balanced,with "body"
and clarity.
i"m looking for an interconnect bettwen my cd player BAT
and LEVINSON NO.26 pre amp.now i have XLO 1.1 and i think
is not good in my system.
i have problems with the bass,treble,musicality...
the second pair of XLO 1.1 are bettwen the NO.26 pre
and LEVINSON 23.5 amp and here the XLO doing the job well.
i love the sound to be netural,dynamic,clarity,well balanced and musical.
Try the Ensemble interconnects, Dynaflux or Masterflux. They are superb sounding and reasonably priced, esp. if you find them used on this site.
While I have yet to hear them personally I believe you should also look at products from Luminous Audio and TG Audio - apparently great values...
I've had great results with the introduction of SPM to my system. I had been using cables such as Cardas Golden Cross, Homegrown Audio Silver Lace, Harmonic Technology Truthlink and Kimber KCAG. The SPM took my system to a completely new level. I was amazed - beforehand I was skeptical of cable expenditure. Not anymore. The rest of my system is Audio Physic Virgo, Blue Circle BC2, SF Line 3, YBA CD1alpha.

I've had good luck with SilverAudio. I use Hyacinth interconnects, and Silver Symphony 48 speaker cables. You have to deal with SilverAudio online: www.silveraudio.com. In my experience, the SA cables give a wonderful, liuid mid-range and high end. The bass is not as full as with some other cables, but the overall clarity is the best that I auditioned. These cables are not as bright as Nordost products. Hope this helps.
I agree with Sc53, the Ensemble are really good. I replaced Cardas Golden Ref with them, The results were outstanding.
Forget about interconnects, what you need is a pair of speakers!!!:~)
try the analysis plus silver...they're smooth,yet detail.there are some advt. on this site or on audioweb.com
hi glen!
..and what do you need? you shoud go and listen the EXTREMA'S and begin to learn something in audio and music!
I've tried quite a few different brands. Nordost i/c's seem to have greater transparency and detail than anything else I've tried (ocos, harmonic tech, mit, analysis plus, monster, wireworld).
It's expensive, but you do see results with it. IMHO their red dawn's at $200 a piece are the bargain ic of the century.
I am currenty runing a pair of Clarity Wires "FoxFire" Silver IC's and they are very nice, read the reviews in Vacuume tube valley issue #16 i think. They prefered the sound over kimber silverstreak which was the other best cable. They can be found at www.responseaudio.com and are really great cables imho. CHeck em out!

BTW i have no relation to either responseaudio or clarity wires, just a happy listener.
The Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference ICs are a must audition. They flesh out the midrange incredibly well, and this may fill your requirement for "body." You may also consider trying the Silver Reference between your CD and preamp and the Matrix Reference between the pre and amp, as this may yield the best of both worlds in terms of dynamics, detail, and midrange presentation. Best of luck.

My .02. I have Levinson gear. I am using Pure Note. Mr. Tekunda (posts in this forum) has convinced me to try Valhalla but maybe my next cable should be Gen. 5 if I see my inheritance. Try a bunch and see for yourself.