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Speakers for NAD C370
I use Axiom M80's with my C370 and cambridge D300 cdp. sounds great! 
artists who most deeply touch you
Roger Waters. My favorite musician ever. Genius. 
Great Mains for $1000?
check out Axiom M80ti'swww.axiomaudio.com 
What companies have gone above and beyond?
I dont know if its been mentioned yet but AXIOM audio takes my vote. i havent bought any of their speakers yet although i plan on it and i have asked for a few things and they were very helpfull and a real pleasure to deal with. Buying things from... 
What is your most beautiful component?
mine would have to be my Clarity Labs foxfire interconnects theyre light green kina, silver and Ohh.. i could hang them on my wall as art, or wear them as necklace!...lol really tho they are nice,and sound great but for componets i like my NAD C-370 
Who R U?
when it gets to 499 im going again! Woo Hoo!!! 
Personal speaker evolution
Aiwa mini system (100) KLH 4132 (160) JBL ND310 (700)and soon to be PSB 6T ( 1024) because im getting those to upgrade from the JBL's 
Help with speaker cable for 1st tube set up ....
I Highly reccomend Clarity Wires "emberglow" speaker cable. The whole Clarity lineup was designed around tube amps and is of very high quality and at a good price. The Cables are sold exclusivly in the US at www.responseaudio.comCheck em out! 
Sennheiser HD570 Anyone have em? any comments?
well, after getting Many Many responses at Head-fi.com i have deiced on the Grado SR80's thanks for all your help 
Sennheiser HD570 Anyone have em? any comments?
I like alot of like Pink floyd stuff, classic rock. reggae all kinds of stuff, not hardly any classical stuff. But.. i kina thought headphones were headphones ya know. 
Quality Rock/Pop CD recordings
Cheap tweaks...What would YOU reccomend?
Yeah, No kidding!.. I always have my serious listening sessions at night. Its just alot better, less distractions, Not as hot as during the day. ( because i need to close my windows so the neighbors dont complain ).. even if they arent real close.... 
Any Pink Floyd Fans out there ???
Yeah.. Next time i go to borders i will have to get em.. They didnt have it yesterday.. but always get new stuff in 
Any Pink Floyd Fans out there ???
I just bought the Roger waters in the flesh DVD yesterday. WHY didnt i buy it sooner?? I agree the band is good, not the same as if the rest of the guys were there, but good. And i am a big PF fan , i cant get enough of em.. Can anyone reccomend a... 
What are some excellent mid -priced tuners?
My vote is for a Vintage Sansui TU-517 or Tu-717.. i have the TU-517 and it has such sweet smooth warm sound. Pulls in Plenty of stations and is very high quality. the Sansui's are analog stereo tuners and can be found on ebay for around $200 or so.