I just started listening to my CD player again

It's been 3 years since I listened to it and it didn't sound bad. It's a Gamut Cd-1. I would like to buy a power cord for it. By budget is 200-300 and I would prefer used but if it falls into the price range new is fine.
And your question is?
How ironic, I auditioned a purist audio museus for my player and for whatever reason made the sound muddy. The same power cord (auditioned two power cords and a balanced or xlr line) on the pre amp and power amp were great. Returning the standard cord things were back in focus. Must be some digital feedback. Weird shit!
Been very happy with Tekline and Audience power cords in your price range on various ARC CD players.
One word: Shunyata. can't go wrong.
Pangea gets overlooked because of the low price. The AC-14 is good for CD players. It's also shielded, so that would be better that a non-shielded one in theory, especially if there is noise around for it to pick up. They seem to sell fast here if you don't like it. Link. [http://www.audioadvisor.com/prodinfo.asp?number=PGAC14]
I don't know if you own a power conditioner, but if you don't, I would consider purchasing the Audience AR1p. There's one up for sale now at $300+. (no, it's not mine). This may well make a bigger difference than a new power cord, depending on the quality of your existing power. In any case, if you don't like it you can sell it at a minimal or no loss. BTW, You can plug a Wiremold strip into it and have a conditioner for the rest of your system that sounds much better than most, IMO. Good luck.
Shunyada .
Give Pangea SE cord a try. If it won't match with the Gamut, post it up here and it'll be gone in less than 100 views; that's less than a day.
I love the Pangea cords, but I agree that the Shunyata' house-sound would better match with your Gamut. Q is, can you be happy with a $2-300 Shunyata Taipan?
The top line is significantly improves from the Taipan but they'd cost equally as your Gamut CD-1. This hobby sucks, ain't it?
Signal Cable's power cables have worked very well for me.


BTW, why did you quit listening to your CD player? What was your source after that? What made you come back to the CDP?
I think Chayro has a good point. As far as Power Cables go,I highly recommend Wywires Juice II. I have three of them in my system. The original Juice,three of them, replaced Lessloss DFPC, Silent Source and a another pretty expensive cable (I can't think of the name now ). The original Juice bettered all of them. When Alex at Wywires told me he could upgrade to the Juice II, I went ahead and did it for a nominal cost. The Juice II was even better. Alex the owner is a great guy to deal with.