Have the Vandy Quatro's Started to Ship Yet?

Anyone hear them in their system? Insight about the delays thus far?
talked to factory today 2-10-05, dealer demos are going out now and they anticipate shipping stock within 2-3 weeks
Not too bad, given that they were first shown LAST YEAR.
Vandy has been saying they are going to ship the Quatros for over a year now. What should be so difficult to state a dated and meet it. Prehaps they should have it built in China, so much for American know how.
Um, they have shipped.
Despite any reports to the contrary the Quatros have been shipping in limited numbers for several months now. Delays are mainly related to amplifier parts for the subwoofer system.

See my system for my comments in the speaker itself. As for new purchases/delivery dates you would have to work with your dealer on that. In any case, you should be able to get a demo of them soon if they're not already there.

Arf, if you've ever tried manufacturing a product you would already know the answer to your question.

Hope that helps!
Do you still think the Q's aren't better than the original 5's?
Hi, I don't think the Quatros are as good as the original 5s. However, they are close. Maybe 85%?