I completely lack fiscal discipline...

...And bought a 60 GB iPod. I plan to use the highest possible codec standard to download into it.

Oh, and uh...I also kind of bought the Shure e5c $500 earpieces.

So basically, I'll have the greatest iPod of all time, but will it be worth it?

At least comment to make me feel less bad about blowing $1000 on ME during the season of giving!

It's an I-pod, Brian. You're supposed to spend the money on I.

Feel better?
At least you didn't buy the I-Pod to plug into your billion dollar Wavac amp.
Good point, Boa2...otherwise, it'd be called the uPod, right?
Either that, or the hePod, shePod, theyPod. And guess what? Their marketing managers would squirm at such a thought. So you did the right thing, Brian.

Enjoy your infinitely more musical holidays,

And you DESERVE it! lol

If you need mobile music, then that is the way to go.
I can relate as I haven't stopped upgrading components since I started a year ago. Could you please post a review or at least your opinion of the Shure e5c earpieces? I have an Ipod that I use $50 sony earbuds with when I am on the go. Happy Holidays!
Wait, you feel guilty for buying ONE iPod and headphones??

Look at the size man! That's nothing! This Christmas I bought myself;

5 new (used) power cords, 4 new tires (well will order this week) and a plasma TV!

I just saw the new Delphi MyFi mobile XM receiver, and would have had it for this year, but suspect it will drop in price soon so it's on a short hold and I'm still undecided about the new digital camera and which laptop I want.....

Enjoy your new toy! The iPods are great (I've got three on my computer right now) and merry Christmas!!!

Many thanks to everyone for not employing the guilt trips that always come from non-audiophools..."You spent HOW much on WHAT?!?!?"

Nicks...I found the e5c online for $369, so I placed the order and delivery should happen on Monday (Tuesday at the latest). I intend to put them to great use on my trip home to see my parents next week, while I'm there (they have NO audiophile gear whatsoever), and on the way back. So closer to New Year's, once I feel I can write something competent, I'll be happy to post.

In the meantime, there are a few good reviews available online...e-mail me if you have trouble locating them.
I'm proud of you, 'tis the season of giving, you gave to yourself. Just think of all the people you'll make happy by listening to your iPod rather than bothering them. Selfless!

I just got a new laptop and don't want to clutter up my hard drive with WAV files I rip from my extensive CD collection. I'm gonna buy one of these on Monday:


Store all my CD WAV files on it then move stuff on and off my iPod at will. Merry Christmas, Jeff
I just bought two leather jackets and two watches for myself and I feel F'n great! Enjoy the iPod!
I was scared $#!+less by the movie "The Body Snatchers" as a kid, & therefore I'm in fear of the iPod's ;O)~
Isn't that what money's for? I hope you love it.
Think about how much money you make and then answer this question yourself.

Seconldy, why post this question on this site? I can't of a bigger group (although I know they exist) of folks who lack "fiscal discipline."
I just spent $200 + on dedicated lines and $165 on five vinyl albums and I have a clothes dryer in the basement that I have not fixed in months....

I feel better that I can air my 'dirty laundry' here

Hey, if you don't want people to say,"You spent that much for that?" don't tell them how much it cost. Why bring it up at all? Enjoy your tunes and your money as you see fit!
Merry Xmas!
Gunbei, Congratulations, I bought one leather jacket,
one wool, one gunuine leather jacket,Youre right,not
only I feel good, I look good also.I enjoy life, we
have to enjoy the fruit of our labor, with wisdom.
You guys make me want to go out and splurge on myself!
I think Fernando Lamas would be proud of us, heheh!

I just bought a couple of preamps. Do I have a problem?
Mark not at all, You are enjoying.
In the last 10 days I bought a Xindak SCD-2 and a Xindak FP-GOLD power cord.
Now I have no money to buy Christmas presents for my little boy 'Tiny_Tim99'
PLEASE email me to arrange for donations for him...