Hum problem

Hi All,

I need a little help. I moved to new house and I love it, but during the day my system has annoying hum in it. I don’t hear it in the late evening—just in the day.

I have everything plugged in to a Monster Power HTS 2000 Power Center, but it doesn’t seem to help. FYI my system consists of a Rouge 99 preamp, a Bat VK200 amp, Cary 303 CDP.

Any suggestions?
Power conditioners never seem to help hum problems. Do you have cable TV hooked to you system? If so, disconnect it and see if the hum goes away. If so, get a ground break for it. If that doesn't stop it lift the ground on your amp with a two prong adapter. If nether of these fix the problem there could be a factory or appliance running during the day causing the problem.
First of all I don't believe the Monster is up to level of your equipment and probably doing more harm than good. Reduced dynamics etc. Secondly; as Rwwear stated, try floating one of the grounds with a inexpensive ground lifter you can buy just about anywhere. Try doing that on each piece individually and see if that helps. Are any of your power cords running parallel to interconnects etc?
Check to see if your power cords are running along next to your interconnects. If you can move the power cords a foot away from the signal carrying wires, do it. If you must cross a power cord with a signal carrying wire, then cross at 90 degree angles. This may not cure your exact problem, but it could, and it is good general practice.
i had the same problem & i got a mondial magic box it goes on the catv line the problem was completely gone.
The Mondial Magic Box is a ground break for the cable TV.
Drop the ground. A couple of cheater adapters(3prong male to 2prong male)will do it. Most any supermarket or drug stores carry these devices.
Thanks for the suggestions. I have a couple of questions. On what do I lift the ground? My TV has a two prong plug. Also, where would one pick up a mondial magic box?

Thanks again
If your amp and preamp has XLR balanced imputs/outputs try using them. I had a hum or buzz problem that nothing I tried would fix (including sending my amp to Pass for reinspection). The balanced interconnects immediately fixed my problem.
Disconnect the coax going to your TV, if the hum goes away use a groundbreak on the cable. Go back and read my original reply.