How Happy Am I Gonna Be??

With the Aesthetix IO Signature with duel power supplies??
"If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life don't make a pretty woman your wife, so for my personal point of view get an ugly girl to marry you"

Jimmy Soul
I am happy, you are happy, we are all happy.

Of course you can lose some "happy' when you get the unit and you have to replace all 93 tubes to something that makes you happy.
you'll be happy until the power supplies realize they are not enemies, and they turn on you.
Who knew that this thread would turn metaphysical?
Macrojack and Musicdoc - nicely played!


BTW - The Io is the best phono stage I've ever heard.
i've always used my year in mexico on a non-stop binge as my benchmark for happiness. dual power supplies are not on the short list.
Very funny Bill --always liked that song-but never followed that advice hence the money spent on audio-haha------Radrog --enjoy your new pre -understand that they are great but always keep this hobby in perspective be happy you can hear well enough to enjoy it all the rest is just icing on top of the cake--rich
Just got done dialing in the gold-finger v.2-d by clear audio. I do not have the Aesthetic Io yet. Not impressed so far by the 10,000 cartridge over the Sumiko Celebration. Breaking it in at 47k. I sure hope it gets better.

Roger Busby
>>Not impressed so far by the 10,000 cartridge over the Sumiko Celebration.<<

And you won't be.

That is probably the most overpriced cartridge on the market.
In the end you'll probably be happy, but I suspect there will be a slew of posts asking for suggestions about why it doesn't sound quite as impressive as you thought it would. IMO going beyond what you already have results in very minor improvements. Some audiophiles describe these sonic changes as absolutely essential to their enjoyment of reproduced music and others don't.
It is getting better. Far passes the Sumiko with only 3 hours on it and at 47k. I am breaking the cart in at 47k. Haven't tried other load settings yet. I am very impressed so far. It is a VERY fast cartridge. The Aesthtix IO will slow it down some and probably be a perfect match for the Goldfinger.
Can not wait no longer for the phono. I am wearing my KPE out breaking in the Goldfinger V.2-d
You must of sold me the unit. Cuz there is at-least a 45% markup........I would be smiling too.