If you're happy: why switch?

I don't know about you guys, but I am usually happy with my system, until I'm not. What I mean by that (this is an ignorance is bliss thing) is many times I don't know what I'm missing, or what might even be deleterious to my music, until I listen to something else. It all started, when I bought an Audio Magic Stealth. The rest is history. Now, where am I going with this? I have changed everything in my system, this past year, except for the speaker cables. I have Lat Internationals top of the line. I also had their interconnects until I moved to the Cardas Golden Reference. There's a lot of cables out there. I just need a few places to start with, then I'm on my own. I have a very toasty (warm, for ss) system. My humble system:
YBA Passion Integre
Audio Aero Prima (on the way)
Revel M20
Sunfire Architectural Sub
ICs-you know already
Sistrum Mini Monitor Speaker support system
Sistrum Subwoofer stand
Audio Magic Stealth
Everthing coupled with Audio Points
Finally!!- What's a guy to do? Remember the original question? What cables should I put on my list to check out?
thanks in advance.
You didn't say what your price limit is?

The LAT speaker cables are good cables at their price; I replaced the LAT's with Cardas Golden Cross and regretted it, the Cardas had a smother high end but a boomy bottom end, I went back to the LAT. Someone loaned me some Audio Tekne to try, these were an improvement and I purchased those; both the AT and Cardas are much more expensive than the LAT.
I forgot to add, as your title says, why switch? It may be a cumbersome task of trying many cables to excel your LAT's, just sit back and enjoy the tunes if your happy!
I thought, listing my system, would give you an idea as to what I would spend. Since this may not be clear. $1000 tops, new or used. I love my sound. But, there's always room, to love it more. It's always related to my pocketbook...The Lats are great, but I don't believe for an instant, that my system won't sound better, with a speaker cable change. Which one? That's the fun of this hobby. Finding that affordable cable...help me get on the right track. These are three of the cables, as of now, I'm considering:
Acoustic Zen-Satori Shotgun (could, maybe, do new)
Nordost-Red Dawn-Rev II
Cardas-Neutral Reference
Golden Reference-
Hope this helps a tad.
Happy Thanksgiving to you all,
A friend broght Satori over and we compared it to my Audio Tekne, and very quickly to the LAT, my friend feels there was a slight advantage over the LAT with the Satori, I would have to hear it again as I didn't hear any difference, again, we tried the LAT quickly as our focus was nostly between the AZ and AT. The AT was clearly better than both. So, IMO, unless there is some special synergy, I don't think going to the Satori will be a significant gain, if at all, over your LAT.
To your list I would add Stealth PGS. Stealth has changed this cable to newer versions but I always see some original PGS here on Audiogon. I owned the Cardas Golden Reference and was surprised at how much better the Stealth sounded. There was an immediate difference in bass and resolution when I put the Stealth in. Good luck.
You really have to give the Empirical Perfect Crystal interconnect and Empirical speaker cable a try-this cabling transformed my system-go to empiricalaudio.com for more info
Warrenh- If you like the Sistrum stands, you might consider giving their (Sonoran) cables a try. I did and am quite pleased with the results. Enjoy.
You could try Lieder cables, they have great silver cables. There's a user called Jaap on Audiogon. Drop him a fes lines.

I use Lieder cables in my system... They do wonders between my Passion and my Moon eclipse player.

Best Regards