Horns and 2in Drivers

Anyone here using horns with a 2in drivers setup?
Do you mean a horn loaded 2 inch compression driver?
Yep, nothing better IMHO

Triamplified 5 way horn loaded....
You Bet! Edgarhorns: With JBL 2441 2" compression drivers w / tractrix horns made of turned poplar. ASC 40 uF cap with 4 ohm duelund resistor. Tempco silver wire. Still breaking in. WAF+++
Yes a hornload 2in comprssion driver.
B&C (Italian made) DCX 50 is a 50 mm or two inch compression driver. I use these with Bill Woods Acoustic Horn Company AH300 horns. Agree with Jsadurni -- nothing like it. Since I have been using these, conventional box speakers seem like toys.