I have a pair of Mirage M1's and one of the caps went bad. Being that the caps are over 25 years old, I thought it best to replace all of them. I decided I would like to use some mundorf MKP Caps for the bass drivers and the midranges, and maybe some Jansen z superior or some Obbligato Premium film caps for the tweeters. 
Unfortunately I am not sure what caps directly correspond to what drivers. Wondering if someone could PLEASE, Help me to figure out what caps go to what drivers. SEE ENCLOSED PICTURE


Disconnect them one at a time and see which drivers go out.

Are you sure its a good idea to use different cap's? There may be some negative effects, but I can't say for sure. You may want to find a DIY website and ask there. 

Yea I think it'll be OK, I have to replace them regardless because of their age. If I don't replace,  I risk losing a driver if one goes out and causes damage. Finding the original ones I think is unlikely, so I think these new mundorfs and obbligatos will do a nice job.

I have tried both the Jantzen Silver Z cap and the Mundorf Supreme S/G/O.

I went with all Mundorf Supreme S/G/O caps.

The Jantzen are very good but can be a little too harsh, but that would depend on your crossover point. I am crossing my ribbon tweeters over at 2000Hz which really revealed the harshness in the Jantzens.

Have a look at this website. It may turn out to valuable resource.

The crossover detailed info can be found at
Open the pdf file on #1 post, you can find info you wanted
Have you ever tried using your M1's as headphones?