Horning Speakers Good or Great

I'm interested in hearing about opinions about Horning Speakers. Would they work well in a room 11x18 and close to the walls

I've auditioning varous speaker desgins and the Hornings are a speaker I would like to know more about
Unfortunately I have no way of listening to these myself and looking for public opinion

My sonic preferences are a very natural sound and highly musical presentation. Ideally the speaker would have a small footprint

Bass while important,lack of deep low end can be compromised provide the speaker is both highly musical and natural sounding
Personally, I think Horny speakers are Great, though they can sound a bit too Hot if you use solid-Stating amplification...
I'm starting to think I would like to Re word my question

I'm interested in hearing what other's think about these speakers and if they will work well in a room like mine
For the record i'm using Valves as Amplification
Would these work well in a medium sized room and close to the walls ?
Hi Musicfile,

Sorry about my earlier flippant response. Actually, I'm not very familiar with the Horning speaker line. I can say that most horn-type speakers seem to favor tube amplification.

I assume you're intending to put the speakers on the short 11-ft wall. They may work all right like that, but I'd definitely contact the manufacturer to get their thoughts on the matter.

Good luck to you!
Hello Musicfile.

First of all horning speakers are not horns...they are a special double tarnsmision line shared by a big woofer in the back and a whizzerless lowther speaker on front crossed to a tweeter at about 6khz.

I only listened to them at the RMAF once, I liked them but IMHO they were missing the vibrance lowthers are known for.

Anyway I love horns, so take that as biassed...
Hello Musicfile...
Greetings from Australia...I have now owned the Alkibiades for nearly 3 years and also they are not horns as such,at 99db they are very dynamic,very musical,easy too listen too all day,no fatigue...the bass is superb and well integrated...will they work in your room ??? The Agathon would,the Alki's would have too much bass and need a large room,IMO...hope this helps...Regards Helmut
no lasting opinion, but they reminded me of older klipsch models...the forte, etc. very dynamic.
When I heard them a couple of years ago at THE show, I was VERY impressed. It was a v high end vinyl rig w/Audio Note electronics, IIRC. Dynamic but not fatiguing. Terrific pace, plenty of detail. I thought they were very good, but no way to tell if they were great under show conditions and 10 minute audition. Would not surprise me to find out that they were very good. they were on my short list for best sound at show.
Thanks for all your helpfull suggestions

I would also be interested in hearing if there are any cheaper alternatives that you may know of that would be worth an audition
check the threads on klipsch heresys