Horning Eufrodites


If anybody has these speakers or experience with them in larger rooms your views would be appreciated.

Partnering with SET amplification 300b's or 211's.

hi Tim, what specifically would you like to know abt them?

I wanted to know if they suited larger rooms or not. My listening room/lounge is 6.5mtrs X 7 Mtrs with a cathedral ceiling. I will be auditioning them in a smaller room so will hear how they sing.

Thanks for any other comments you would feel appropriate and that may guide my listening session that is planned.

they work well in large rooms (i'd generally characterize them as sounding larger than they look). they're pretty "full" sounding, so try not to place them too close to the front walls (might cause bass overload), then again, each room is different so it's best to experiment.

in terms of amps, both 300b & 211 (single or parallel) are sufficient to drive the Eufrodites' (i'm using the Kondo Ongaku, but hv also heard them with Kondo Kegon). i've also tried them with SS amps, but feel a good SET amp - esp. one that sounds a little "lively" - brings out the best in these speakers. hope that was helpful.

Thank you very much.

From the Kondo amps what were your impressions, Kegon vs Ongaku? Do you think the Gaku-on would be an "overkill"?

I will be auditioning the Kegon, Ongaku along with the Gaku-on very soon.

(all of these are Kondo not AN UK)

Hi Tim, i've not had the chance to hear the Gaku-On, but was told they're more powerful but a little less linear than the Ongaku (possibly because the parallel 211 output tubes results in a slightly more complicated circuit).

between Ongaku & Kegon - both hv rather similar traits. Ongaku has an edge in terms of vibrancy & dynamics, whereas Kegon has an edge in terms of tonal subtlety (but this is prior to tube rolling).

i suggest you try to get in touch with Jeff Catalano of "High Water Sound" in NYC (he distributes both Kondo & Horning). not only is Jeff a great guy, but he's also a *true* no-nonsense expert with both these product lines.
Spoke with Jeff, very helpful and really nice person. Intend to drop in and see him when I am in New York. He has a clear view and gave great advice for me.
Thanks for everything