Horning Agalmes experience

Hi all,

Interested to hear experiences of how to make the Horning Agalme sing.

System composition, room setup, etc.

You might find you're addressing a very small audience with this question! A few thoughts for you though: (Based on 1st hand experience) 1) I would hope the room is moderately large. 2) The best source and amplification you can get your hands on. (for me personally, it would likely be SET) 3) I have heard these work well with plenty of output from a single high-quality 300b amp. This is a very full-range, fairly high efficiency speaker. Hope this is of some help.
I would call Jeff of High-water sound as he is the main dealer in USA.He is very knowledgable as he uses these speakers at many shows and always gets superb sound.
Hi amuse18, I don’t have Agalme, but use the Eufrodite Ellipse with very good results.

First off, they need a pretty big room hopefully with a high ceiling. They don’t play well with low ceilings (overloaded bass). I have mine set far from the side walls and out into the room. The sound is very well balanced.

Use high quality components. They work very well with my 300b amps and also Class A SS. Even though they are efficient they like some power. My Pass Labs XA-30.8 really control all those woofers.

I know Jeff sometimes uses less power then 300b’s however, I think they need at least 8 watts SET or more to really come alive, IMHO.

Good luck! They are truly wonderful speaker which sound very organic and natural. They don’t have that hi-fi sound that grabs your attention at first listen, but gets tiresome after time.