Rethem Maarga/Trishna vs. Horning Perikles/Aristot

Has anyone here had the ability to listen/compare these two different brands at their mid-level range?

I had heard only the Perikles and a Rethm (Third Rethem?) at audio shows some years back and was wondering if anyone here has done a more extensive comparison?
From memory they were both somewhat similar in sound – both having extremely a fast hi resolution/musical sound with a large soundstage that completely disappeared.
I enjoyed listening to them both…

Any and all replies are welcome.


I have not heard the Horning but have the Maargas in my house.

The differences I can think of are
1. Bass loading- it is very refined in Maargas, I am not sure how they integrated in others
2. Treble- Well integrated in a single driver so has tremendous coherence.

The speed is quite nice but you run into trouble of being lean in some set ups. If I understand correctly the Lowthers are more apt to sound lean than the Rethms.
Rethms appear to be well thought out- i.e. thought through enough to make it as simple as possible.

How big is your room? What are your ancillaries?

George Jacob had told me that Trishnas should really be used only in a small apartment or small room and it sounds like your room might be bigger if your are considering Horning Perikles. Good review in 6 moons about the Horning, but did not have a reference to Rethms in the same review.

Both are rather unusual speakers which you may have to travel some distance to listen to.