Anybody listen to Horning Agathon or Alkibiades ?

I have come the circle and consider buying the Horning...and would really be grateful for comments on the Horning's !!!

I own a pair of Horning Alkibiades Signature. My electronics are all Tom Evans. My sources are 47 Labs Flatfish/Progression and DPS/Schroeder/Dynavector XV-1s.

I'm biased. I think my speakers are the best. I value transparency, honesty and speed in equal measures with body, soul and emotion. Horning speakers will not mask bad electronics or sources or AC. They are just incredibly open, spacious, confident, easy.

I bought mine from High Water Sound in NYC. I had them wired with Kondo copper, which I also use as speaker wire.

Good luck making your decision,

David Terry
Thanks for that response ... I bought the Alkibiades...should be in Australia in 5 weeks...
I was wondering how much the Agathon gives up in various respects to the larger and more expensive Alkibiades? Should I consider the Agathon or the Alkibiades?
Sorry for the late reply...I have never heard the Agathon,but believe it is just the bass all the drivers are the same...that said ,I can tell you that I have heard many speakers and this one is by far the most natural and deepest I have heard...if your room is not the largest,the Agathon will most likely do the job...Excellent,coherent and musical speaker...even with CD ...