Help w/Power Conditioning: Shunyata, Furman, RGPC?

I'm feeling totally lost with what direction to go with power conditioning in my system and am looking for some help. My system, briefly (click here for full info):

Dali MS4 Utopia Speakers
Pass INT-150 Integrated
Bel Canto DAC 3
Mac Mini
Shunyata Taipain Alpha and Cardas Golden Reference PCs
Purist speaker/ICs
Ridge USB cable

So far looking at the following units and trying to see what people think and what direction is a good way to go (looking at $1400 and under):

Shunyata 6 or 8 (specifically looking at diffs btwn these two, as wife likes 6)
Richard Gray Power Company pole pig + 600 (not much info on pole pig)
Furman Elite 15PF
Audio Magic Stealth Mini Reference
Any others??

Consider APC - particularly their units that offer battery backup.
This might help
Two of my friends and I use Tice Power Block III conditioners, built like tanks, often available here for well under $1K. They do not appear to limit current, and all my SET and other power amps are plugged into them. I use two PS Audio P300 power regenerators for front end/source components and would not be without them. Good luck, Dave
Forgot to mention that I will also be adding an analogue section (leaning toward clearaudio performance and sim 5.3 phono stage w/lyra helikon) so will need a minimum of 6 outlets. Also curious about Exact Power units (sp/ep), especially vs. shunyata and richard gray if anyone has tried them.


Running Springs Audio Haley is one I've used in the past that worked great in my system. You might also look into the Alan Maher Designs Reference Power Center (version 2 if available), along with a few of his Power Enhancers as an alternative. This solution replaced my Haley.
Is there any way to get two dedicated lines? Either way, I recommend two power conditioners. One for your mac mini, screen and all "other" things and one for your amp and dac. You really want to separate the computer if you can.

As far as specific brands, I like BPT for value and Isoclean for top end performance.
Three weeks ago, I replaced a Hydra 2/Purist Audio Dominus Ferrox combo with an Alan Maher Designs Reference Power Center V2. I can't say I hear a performance boost, but I can't hear any performance decrease either. The RPC V2 is still burning in according to the designer.

The Alan Maher RPC V2 with captive power cord cost $750, versus the $399 Hydra 2 + $1900 Dominus.

The savings was worth the change. Plus, the Alan Maher RPC V2 has eight outlets versus two on the Hydra 2.
I have owned the furman elite 15pf and while very good for the money I would suggest the furman IT ref 15--dramatically better--you should be able to find one on the gon for less than 1400 any ? feel free to email --rich---I have a refIT 20 for my amps subs and speakers and xover and on the other side of the room a refIT15 for pre amp and cdp also have ref IT 15 upstairs for my HT system
thanks tvad, I'll def look into the Maher unit. Still hard to find anyone using the Richard Gray gear.

Lokie: any reason not to have the sac and computer on the same unit? I've heard about having the amp separate from the front end, but why have the sac and amp in same line? I'm going to find out how much it costs to have 20a lines run, but suspect in my building it will be costly, and I'm thinking of moving in 2 years.

So far no one has chimed in for shunyata--interesting
Running Springs Audio Haley or Jaco should do the trick.

"any reason not to have the sac and computer on the same unit? I've heard about having the amp separate from the front end, but why have the sac and amp in same line?"

That's what I found best for mine. It's an easy experiment.
I've had great results with BPT.
Thanks everyone for your help. I've decided to do the following:

Install a Shunyata duplex outlet, run the amp directly into wall and get a Shunyata Hydra 6 for the rest of my gear. I can always play around later if I'm not happy with the results, but I think this is an easy way to start, since Shunyata is fairly easy to resell. The Maher stuff is interesting, but will have to try another day. The BPT is also intriguing, but too large for my rack. I think if I was going to try regeneration, though, it would definitely be Exact Power.
An update:

Just installed outlet and wondering if there's break-in time required. I was very surprised to find that whoever installed the original outlet hadn't connected the ground. Anyone have an idea why an outlet would be installed without the ground connected? I obviously wired it with the ground.

Hydra 6 w/Taipan alpha Helix 20A has been running for five days. Prelim impressions of all this shunyata gear (in-wall duplex, 20A taipan alpha, Hydra 6) is that it's very good. Hearing subtle details I had been missing, and more space around instruments and voices. Sound stage has grown taller and wider, and voices sound less restricted (before sounded like they had a cold). I'm very happy now. So, thanks to everyone who responded. I'm sure I could get good results with any number of the pieces suggested here. I went for Shunyata for resale value if I decide to change, and am happy to report it does what it's known for.
The shunyata stuff is quite nice. You will find significant benefits if you change the stock feet on the hydra with symposium acoustics/black ravioli products. The difference is not small.

Good luck.

If you get tired of the hydra ... consider the Sound Applications gear. It sounds much more natural with the hubbell outlet recommended by Jim Weil.

I used the hydra/sz-1 combo prior to the SA RLS/hubbell combo.
I just inserted an Acoustic Revive RTP-2 into my system, and I have to tell you....I am flabbergasted at the results. Best conditioner I have run, by far. Previous units have included Hydra 4, RS Haley, Audience Adept AR6, and the short-term loan of a V-Ray.

This RTP is a keeper. Now I have to find another one for my analog components.
rather than power conditioner, I suggest you try the power regeneration model from PS Audio. You get significant benefits in the sound without compromises. RGPC is good if you have bookshelf and want to emphasize the low mid to bass because that is exactly what it does. Hydra, although better is bit loose in low bass. After a while, you start to think if plugging your units to any of power conditioning unit really justify the cost. PS Audio unit was the only thing that got me to accept that clean, pure power is worth paying $2,000 for.