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How loud is loud, What DB is actually loud?
Real men (and real women for that matter) listen at no less than 120 db, for hours. It may seem loud at first, but don't worry, after a few months it won't, and, as a side benefit, neither will anything else. But on a serious note, if you want vol... 
Filling a 6600 Cu. ft. room
"Messiah" recommendations?
Butt conducting, Dunedin players (but it is a slightly different version) - on LinnMcreesh conducting - Gabriel Consort Players - available on ArchiveChristophers - The Sixteen - CoroPinnock - English Consort - available on ArchiveAll nice version... 
Cable Elevators killed my bass
Snook: good point and apropo - of course it is more organic but it is also dirty - after a heavy rain I notice the sound gets kind of muddy, it's kind of like - oh I don't know muddy waters. 
Newfound respect for McIntosh
Like I've said before - there's McIntosh and then there's everything else. 
Must have classic recordings
I don't know that you will get a lot out of a few "great recordings." Most people who are into classical music, myself included, find the genre to lend itself to a comparison of performances. For example, a great recording of Beethoven's 9th is on... 
Where does your user name come from?
On the desk at the time I joined the forum was a book about 20th century 'classical' music titled "The Rest is Noise" hence - Musicnoise. 
This is no joke.
Oh geez - you guys are terrible - worse than 'rednecks' now we are into 'redneck fetish'. You all must move to an appropriate forum and do so quickly, as Sgt Schultz would say when Colonol Klink was watching Mach Schnell, Mach Schnell - either tha... 
This is no joke.
ok - what's green and red and green and red and green and red (or redbook to keep it relevant) and green? A frog in a blender. OH MY G_D!! DID HE JUST SAY THAT??? How awful, don't you know they are prosecuting people for putting frogs in blenders,... 
This is no joke.
Fpeel - absolutely, the pc police have a very distinguished history - let's not forget all the good they did in another country in the late 30s and early 40s - how well they protected people from the whole 'degenerate art' movement - what was that... 
whats the biggest mistake you made?
biggest?? Not applicable - I've never made a mistake. 
tube watts vs transistor watts?
xti16 - as to your reference to power calculations, it makes no difference which form of the equation you use, they are synonomous. To state otherwise ignores ohms law. 
solid state vs tubes
From an engineering standpoint it simply does not matter what the active component is as far as the output into a given load (or loads). Tube or solid state - design either for the same response and the sound is indistinguishable. Keep in mind tha... 
This is no joke.
Hey Kijanki, Ballan, Mapman, please, torture me no longer with the bar, whale, bird, and snake jokes. Much more and I'll have to throw a little hissy fit about my self righteous love of birds, whales, snakes and the purveyors of spirits. Oh, the h... 
Active speakers with 15" woofers, need a list
Slightly off topic - classical music magazines have, of late, recommended active speakers. I believe Gramaphone did so in a recent issue and BBC Music just did a three speaker recomendation - Epoz in entry level and mid level (price) and AVI for w...