Help on power conditioner upgrade

Currently using PS Audio 300 with m/w. Equipment consists of Sony 333ES, Perp Tech P1 & P3, Bel Canto Pre-1, Bel Canto 200.2, and Legacy Sig III speakers. Everything except the amp is plugged into the 300. Looking at the following. All are priced around $1600 for used or demo. Auditioning is not an option.

Shunyata Hydra, Equi=Tech 1.5 or 2.0, Exact Power 2000, PS Audio 1200.

Not displeased with the 300 but I regard it as an entry level piece and I would like to plug in my amp and maybe even a second 200.2 down the road. Thanks.
Kira the Hydra is extraordinary and very analogue sounding.
Another excellent conditioner new on the market is the Audio Magic Stealth. Current review
Hope this helps. Also for review on the Hydra.
The Equi=tech would carry everything but you would want a Q version. I have an R version but I think it is a little slow supplying curent during peaks to my amp so I have everything in my A/V system plugged into it except the amp. The Q version is supposed to address this shortcoming. Larry W
Upon further reflection you might want to stick with what you have. You are getting regenerated & balanced power.I have yet to install anything before my amp that I was happy with. The best bang for buck would be to have a dedicated 20amp circut installed. Use 10 guage wire & a hospital grade outlet. If you don't have one already get a good powercord for your amp.P.S. Audio lab cables are very reasonble & bring out the best in most amps but there is also a host of alternatives.doing all the above will cost you less than half of what you are considering & you amp will show you it's appreciation. Larry
Hello Kira! I have lived with all 3 units for a long time in my various systems, and found that the Hydra seems to do the best job all around. The Equi=Tech sounds great on all components except with the amps. Tube amps loose a LOT of dynamics and drive when plugged in to it. The Equi=Tech is very well built and stable as well as efficient. The PS Audio 300 sounds nice as well on front end components, but most amps are out of the question. It is wastes a lot of energy as heat, an does some strange things with certain components. I have had reliability troubles with it and so have others I have known.
The Hydra sounds fantastic, and is completely reliable. I have all of my components plugged into it including amps.
It wastes no energy, and will last forever. It does not limit dynamics with amps I have run on it, and for some reason, it gives me a wider and deeper soundstage than the other two mentioned.
It is almost shocking just how bad my system sounds without a good power conditioner to clean things up. Any of the three will make a significant change for the better, so be sure not to do without!
I only have experience with the Equi=Tech (Q2). I'm very happy with mine. I use it with a tube system.
If you really want something special, which will upgrade your system, there's the Burmester 958, which will take your entire system, including two big monoblocks. I love what it does, and if it has any downside whatsoever, I can't hear it. But boy, is it pricey!
Tice Power Block IIIC- George Tice's statement product (transformerless) that has a separate 'high-power' section providing up to 2400w (only if you order the HP version- 1800 otherwise). Has 5 sparate circuits completely isolated from each other, and it even uses 2 power cords! Very cool piece, I have been using it and very happy- even plug my monster Theta Dreadnaught amp into the high-power section with no sonic degaradation or dynamic limitations- only benefits, including quieter noise floor and increased sense of 'presence'.
I have a Q5 Equi=tech with the 230 30A input power and it has no problem with a tube amp. I have compared with the other 15A circuits in the room, and it is better on the Equi=tech than out of the wall... The Burmester 958 is also a nice unit, but costly. Either of the two I would suggest -- have not tried the Hydra.. Had the PS600 and 1200 for demo and sent them back.

Your mileage may vary..
Hi Kira,

Sounds like you've gotten some pretty good advice so far, but I thought I'd chime in with my $.02, since I have had a slightly different experience than some of the above posters. I currently own the Hydra, the P300, just purchased the EP2000, once had a P600, and have demoed the Equitech (older version). I would offer you the typical audiophile caveat - none of these power conidtioners is the universal fix-all, working the best with all components (which is why demoing is so strongly recommended).

Honestly, the least effective product in my system was the Equi-tech. It reduced background noise somewhat, but muted dynamics with both amplifiers and my Thor TA-2000. It was somewhat better than an old Monster PC I use for my home theater system, but that's about all I can say for it.

The Hydra is an excellent piece of gear, which I currently use on my Air Tight ATM-2's. However, I found the Hydra to fall short of the P300 with digital gear, and particlarly with turntable power supplies.

The Power Plants are very component dependent - back when I had CJ 8XS's, the P600 sucked the life right out of them - which is what motivated me to buy the Hydra. On the ATM-2's, both the P300 and Hydra both offer an improvement over straight into the wall, although I slightly prefer the Hydra's presentation - a little warmer tonally, more relaxed presentation, better dynamics in the ff-ffff range. On an intellectual level, I hate the Hydra (I was once a EE), because I'm not comfortable with the technological explanations offered as to why it works, but I can't deny the improvement in sound it offers.

However, I am really jazzed about the new EP2000 I just picked up to try with my system - it offers many of the benefits of the P300 (maybe not quite the same reduction in noise floor), without the limited dynamics on amplifiers. Right now I am having a shoot out between the Hydra and the EP2000 for my amps/preamp, but haven't come to a definitive conclusion yet. I am looking at picking up some used Shunyata KC power cords (currently using all Electraglide Fat people), and trying that with the EP2000 to see if I can get the benefits of both (the Shunyata power cords supposedly work on the same priciple as the Hydra - use of FeSi).

In sum, if you want one conditioner for all of your components, my recommendation is to go with the Hydra or the EP2000 - or if you want some of the benefits of both, try the EP2000 with some Shunyata power cords, and let me know how it works out.
I have owned both the Hydra and the P300. The Sound Application CF-X with a FIM gold power cord blows either away in all respects. I know it's not on your list, but it should be.
Audio Magic Stealth is the way to go. Much better than the Hydra- better soundstage, more dynamics and less compressed.
I love reading all these opinions; Thanks Guys!! Ok I just purchased 2 of the favorites. The CFX; and a Stealth Magic-- Couldn't get a good enough price on the Hydra. I bought these from 2 different dealers.You know--cover all the bases. I have a large 2ch/ HT setup.Funny, I talked to one dealer he says E-glide is the cord to use; The other dealer says they sorta suck/(loose translation)for what they cost. I will find out/sure it costs money--
Hello Kira, I agree with Ejlif. The Sound Applications CF-X is the best I have heard. I have not heard the Hydra yet. The CF-X is the only conditioner I have heard that improved the sound in every area. The PS PP did some things well but would sound a touch dry and the imaging sounded flat. I was very impressed with the CF-X. I can't say the same when used with amps. The CF-X is so quiet and the dynamics were outstanding. What the CF-X did to the soundstaging was spooky. Maybe Ejlif could tell us his thoughts on the Hydra VS the CF-X. BTW, the CF-X is twice the price of the Hydra if this is a concern. Look for one used. Good luck.
Could you please comment about what you would like to improve on the 300 performance, I´m focusing on the job it does for your front end components.