HDMI Splitter...Sending Audio-Only to Processor

Is there a device that will allow me to split an HDMI signal? I’d like to run the HDMI cable video signal from my projector directly to my streaming device and send only the audio signal from my streaming device to my processor.

My Blu Ray player has 2 HDMI outputs...one output does audio and video, and the other output does audio only...it allows me to plug my blue ray player directly into my projector and send only an audio signal from the blu ray player to my processor. I’d like to be able to do the same thing with my Nvidia Shield streaming device.
Cleeds...That item won't work.
It specifically states that it won't extract audio...it only distributes the entire exact signal, which includes video.
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There are boxes on eBay that split out PCM AND DSD from HDMI ~$50.
You might wanna get one before Sony goes after them.

FYI, the "audio only" output on the Oppo is not actually audio only.  It's a full audio/video signal but it's raw unprocessed video.  The "Audio/Video" output on the Oppo is the video signal that adds all the video processing which you can configure in the Oppo menus (color space, noise reduction, color/hue adjustments, etc.).

The only device that I think might actually separate out the audio stream from HDMI is a Lumagen Radiance video processor.  I have not tried this, but Radiance has two outputs and you can configure one for "audio only" and the other for "video only".

You could try that Orei splitter that cleeds suggested.  Not all HDMI splitters are equal.  If this doesn't work, you might try a Gefen Toolbox splitter (part # Gefen GTB-HD4K2K-142C-BLK ).  They are very expensive, but are engineered better to support different HDMI protocols/devices.
But it works...
All you need is a i2s DAC.  Plenty out there.
I think it answers the OP’s question.
You sir, are quite free to offer higher quality solutions.
It works fine with this guys 205.

The device @golfnutz identified might be exactly what you are after; I'm not sure about your objective, but the audio return channel (ARC) on my TV system allows me to send a 4k signal from an Amazon Fire Cube to the TV and using an additional hdmi cable from the TV input and output panel, I get audio back into the pre-pro through the ARC channel. (The pre-pro doesn't process 4K video, thus, the work around).