What are the loopholes of sending COD to nonmemb.

A non-member contacted me about my add.He said this is his first time buying something on Agon and asked me if i can ship it UPS COD.He agreed to send $100 money order deposit to cover the shipping and COD fee.I am planning on instructing the UPS to pick up USPS money order from him.
Should i go for it or is there something i can get screwed over?I would appreciate your feedback regarding this matter.
See if you can use Fedex cod.-- You'll get the Money the next day.
PS, I wouldn't do a cod for anybody with no feedback,period.---Take your chances if you must--but you might point out 'your' feedback record and let him take the chance bassed on that. Ask him to open a paypal account??
I once did a cod thrugh the PO and got a bum personal check. Then we have bad Bank Checks, forged ones and such. The driver isn't an expert and may take whatever your buyer gives him.---.You must be having a hard time selling--to even think about this,as an option. My advice is worth just what you paid for it---. It's your gear.
I won't buy from someone with 0 feed back unless I can pick-up at his place or he will bring to me.

I would never do COD for anyone with no feedback.

I will not buy from anyone with bad feedback...to risky for my pocket book.

Of course the exception could be an item of low value were the loss would only make me mad...not broke.

Dave, speaking only for myself, I would never go to someone's place I don't know, have them come to my house, or meet them somewhere. I knew a guy who sold his corvette to someone. When the guy came to his house, he shot and killed him and stole the corvette. Pretty gruesome story but after hearing what happened to him, I prefer dealing with people over the internet.
i think people with no feedback should go by the seller rules,until he build up his feedback and then he can lay his own demands,we all have to start from the bottom. justmy opinion
cod is ok & i use it from time to time but it can be a bad thing.

i would never ship anything to a greenhorn via cod unless he paid me all the shipping fee's up front & a 25% non refundable deposit as a show of good faith.

on the other hand i request cod for item's that i want to buy from newbee's with only the shipping paid up front,i figure ive earned a little trust with my feedback so shipping fee's are all their gonna get from me.

if your buyer is truly on the up & up he shouldnt mind getting up off a few bucks as a show of good faith,one things for sure if the buyer is squirley about paying a deposit & shipping up front then tell him adios amigos.

Wow Plinko

Warning noted and thanks!, Thats an awful story.


You have all the credibility here, and your buyer has none. My buddy lost about $4K sending a Rolex COD--forged check. As others have mentioned, if you are willing to run the risk of not getting your money, go right ahead. I absolutely would not do it myself.
Best of luck,

I Have done COD on a couple of transactions. First off Fedex & UPS require a legit money order made out to the sender before the package is handed over to the receiver. There is only one thing I can think of that could go wrong & that is the receiver can refuse the package and you have to pay the return shipping costs. So getting a deposit from the buyer can be a good thing if the buyer has no track record on Audiogon. Anyway there is some risks meeting a seller or buyer in specified locations unless he has a proven track record on A'gon. Yes Plinko's example is horrible where a life was lost. How many times has a good samaritan been killed because he stopped to help a stranger on the freeway. Use common sense & live.
Under some circumstances payment can be stopped on a bank "certified check" or a money order. I know from personal experience. It was a hassle but I was able to stop payment and return the damaged goods to the seller. If I had been a thief instead of someone who had been ripped off I would have had the cash and the goods.

Especially if someone is brand new or not even a member why buy any grief and accept anything other than cash up front?
Cloudgif, very good point. I overlooked the fact that some money orders can be cancelled. However a Postal money order cannot be cancelled for 30 days & that is why some sellers insist on this type of money order. Once a Postal money order is cashed it is too late to cancel & this is usually done way before the 30 day period.