HDCD recommendations??

Hi. I love many types of music, and still favor my Arcam HDCD player over my newer 24-bit unit. The better HDCD discs just sound better to me. Among my favorite are the Beck "Sea Change" disc, Patrica Barber's Cafe Blue, the Tom Petty "Tracks" collection, and a few others. I don't know much about classical, but like tracks with bass drum and percussion. Any other HDCD must haves?
See if anything here grabs your interest :

KD Lang Live by Request is as lush as Sea Change. People I know who are not into her find this album quite good. There is a accomplished band behind her.
The Rolling Stones, Joni Mitchell
Waveman- Which Rolling Stones CD's are in HDCD? I have the ones that are SACD hybrids.

One thing I've noticed lately is that not all HDCDs are labeled. I've got several that light up the HDCD light on my DAC but aren't labeled as HDCD anywhere I can see. I like the HDCDs as well and this is frustrating.

Some of my favorites are the Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music titles although they aren't everyone's cup of tea.
Agreed on Sea Change, very nice.
"Mutations" by Beck is another good one if you like "Sea Change."
Joni Mitchell's "The Hissing Of Summer Lawns" is another good one.
But my favorite HDCD recommendation is "A Nod To Bob." This cd was a wonderful introduction to some new artists for me and sounds great.
King Crimson, Starless and Bible Black.
All of the Grateful Dead catalogue is in HDCD.
Most of Mark Knopfler's recent albums are HDCD and the ones I have sound stellar.
I second Gslone with the King Crimson, "Red" is my favorite release.
Chris Issac has a couple on HDCD; both sound excellent.

This site has more classical and some jazz on HDCD. The Rachmaninoff and Copland are top-notch.
alot of neil young are HDCD,prairie wind and harvest moon are very good.
i also love the king crimson cd`s.the first 5 are my favorites
Many of Emmylou Harris cd's are HDCD.
Pual Simon's 'You're The One' sounds fantastic on my Paradigm's.
Also, Supertramps 'Some Things Never Change' sounds great and is an outstanding CD. The tenth track has some serious low bass that will make your subwooofer work.
Lucinda Williams "Car wheels on a gravel road"
Paul Simon "You're the One"
Emmy Lou Harris "Wrecking Ball"
Willie Nelson "Teatro"
Motley Crue. Oddly all of their albums were rereleased in HDCD and they also included some audio only tracks, which are great for making out the guitar parts.
One the Beach Boys greatest hits albums in HDCD. If you like, I will find out which one it is. We have two of their greatest hits CDs and they both sound good, but only one is HDCD.
Jacques Loussier playing Eric Satie's Gymnopedies was my favourite HDCD when I had an HDCD player



Steve Hoffman recently announced he won't be using HDCD technology anymore as it degrades the sound. http://stevehoffman.tv/forums/showthread.php?t=246642
Prairie Winds - Neil Young (and most other recent releases).
Just received Elephant Revival's Break In The Clouds. Sounds like a good one and it's HDCD encoded.