Passive Pre Recommendations

I have a Wright Sound WLA12A LS, the Wright Sound WPP 200 phono with their MC step up. Present cartridge is Shelter 901, This all goes into Morrow 300B amps that have a sensitivity of.25 V driving a BLH 98db eff speaker by KCS

I looking for I think a passive pre or one with lower gain than the WLA12A which has either 20db or 12db gain. With it on the 12db setting I can hardly go past 9:00 on volume control. I also have FI 2A3 monos that are.5 V which I can go to 10:30 on volume before it is two loud.

Any suggestions on a passive or other that would work. How about the Marchand?
Maybe all you need is something like the EVS or Endler attenuators that connect to the inputs of your amps and allow you to attenuate the signal coming in from your preamp. Both of these products are transparent and work quite well.

If you want to try a full fledged passive preamp then I would recommend a transformer volume control (TVC) such as the Prometheus or some of the Stevens & Billings based models that are available.
Gbslps, take a look at my recent review here on the GON on the Bent Tap passive, which includes a comparison with the other very highly regarded passive the Placette, for alot of information you might find very helpful.
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Not sure how it would work in your situation, but the Placette passive is an outstanding product in my experience. I've used the RVC with several systems and it has been a consistently outstanding performer. I understand with passive pres that matching the mating components is critical. Check with Guy at Placette to see if he thinks it might work for you. You might also check with George Wright to see if he can modify your pre to pad down the output further.

I second the Placette RVC. This is an outstanding piece and has the remote.
As Bob said, a pair of inexpensive Rothwell in-line attenuators will remedy your "too much gain" issue and provide much more usable range on your volume control. This is a quick, easy and inexpensive solution.


I think that I am the fourth to recommend the Placette Passive Preamp. Maybe we are trying to tell you something. If the preamp gets loud too fast, Guy will add an extra resistor to put your normal listening range at the mid point at no extra cost. Anyway you look at it, the sound of this preamp will be completely transparent.