Speaker Bi Wire recommendations for B&W 802N's

Looking to find smooth midrange, extended highs and deep firm bass........what else is new? Cary SLP-98p F1 and Carver Silver 7's modified (check my system). Looking in the $1000 range. Tried Audioquest Rocket 44's and they were extended and fast, but bright and smeared in mid-range. Are better Audioquests better? Have MIT Terminator 2 Cables now (have had them a long time). Listening to Jazz at the Pawnshop right now and I know there is more air at the top and more detail in the midrange to be revealed. Using Purist Audio cables between preamp and monoblocks. Anyone have experience with Jas Audio Cables? Local dealer seems fond of them. Your thoughts are welcomed. Thanks
Buy one better set used and use jumpers. I got a 2.5M set of used Golden Reference cables for less than your max, including a new set of Cardas jumpers. I use to be a firm believer in bi wiring but now have my doubts. Even if it is better you can always another set when budget permits. The Cardas is one of the best investments I ever made, despite its high retail cost. The Transparent Wave cables have a good rep but I haven't heard them.