Has anyone heard new Less Loss C- Mark power cable?

Supposed to exceed all prior models. Anyone?

I have a gut feeling this could really be VERY good...
Can't wait to hear some feedback!
How great can it be if it is priced at less than 50% of Reference, which is a tremendous power cable. I have two.

I am starting to see that alot of poster on Audiogon seem to think of Power Cable as some form of Tone Controls. One Cable effects the Bass, Whilst the other will flesh out midrange whilst another will sound musical and bla bla.

Power Cables make a difference yes i agree but to the extent that people claim as tone control is just utter nonsense. You can make a very decent power cable your self with Good connector and cables. Their is no magical spells needed.

I have a few PAD Power Cables, Neotech, Lessloss and Shunyata.

I can tell you the difference between all of them is subtle at best. The biggest improvements you see with any of these cables over stock is simply better dynamics and bass slam.
Many people hear very big change with PC’s , you hear what you hear because your brain’s job#1 is to protect your stasis which can be upset by radical change, in some by small change .
No knock on anyone, is what it is .
In my experience, with my system, power cords make a clear audible difference.  I have therefore ended up with the power cord that sounds best with each component after many years of trying different cords.  This has not turned out to be the same make of cable as my interconnects and speaker cables.

With my Modwright-Sony 5400 "transport" the Audio Magic Clairvoyant Liquid Air AC cable sounds more natural, more musical, more analogue than any other AC cable I have tried with it, including Lessloss, Kubala Sosna, Cardas Clear, Cerious, Combak Harmonix, Verastarr Grand Illusion, and others.  The Liquid Air cable is not great on any of my other components.  On my Pathos TT amp, for example, it sounds thin and lacks bass and overall dynamics - I assume because it is limiting current.

I am using the new Lessloss C-MARC power cable between my Bybee Stealth power conditioner and Modwright PS 9.0 power supply for my modified Sony 5400 player.  While not broken in yet it is clearly a very dynamic, very "alive" sounding cord - similar in a lot of ways to the Verastarr Grand Illusion 2 that I use on the Pathos TT.  The Verastarr replaced a Cardas Clear Beyond AC cord which is a good cable but softer sounding with a slight rounding of transients at least on the Pathos.   

I intend to "cable cook" the C-MARC AC cord and also let it play for a couple of weeks.   I will report back once it is broken in. 

Had it on the Hagerman Fry Corder for four days which left it sounding quieter and more relaxed without losing anything in terms of dynamics and speed.  It is a keeper - the best power cable I've had on my Modwright PS 9.9 power supply and very close to the Verastarr Grand Illusion on the Pathos TT (pretty much a "toss-up").  It is a fairly neutral cable - just slightly to the warm side.  What seals the deal for me are the lifelike dynamics and "PRAT" of the C-MARC cable.  I will have to try the C-MARC speaker cables and interconnects at some point.   
I previously owned the Lessloss DFPC - Original and Signature versions.  I did not try the Reference.  To my ears the DFPC's, while good cables, were more like the Cardas Clear Beyond than the C-MARC -organic, musical, resolving cables but ultimately a little slow and in no danger of sounding "live" the way the C-MARC does.  
New to the forum but thirty five as an audiophile. Probably 10 AC cables along the way. There is NO comparing this to any other wire upgrade. Just replacing the AC wires if I heard a blind comparison I would refuse to believe it was the same system.

Having replaced three of my four AC cables and then months later the final cable I know the break-in progression pretty well. Do not even try to get a handle until the six WEEK mark. Two nice days then a plummet and gradual improvement till the four week mark. Then it declines a bit. At 5-6 weeks dynamics are a bit too much the treble is elevated and the bass gets loose.

Hold on tight because your new system is about to be born! Over the course of an hour or two everything comes together at once. To be brief, vast increase in musical detail, tonality like going from 64 to a million colors on a monitor, 6-8 dB of increased dynamic range, natural and stable images in real seeming space, wonderful expressiveness. The MOST amazing feature is the improvement in pace. These are real musicians PLAYING for you. Mine is an all digital system but it's akin to going from an $800 turntable to an$80,000 turntable- the music is just perfectly timed. They make good recordings hypnotic but make lousy ones very enjoyable- it's all about the level of musicianship rather than the recording quality.

These are replacing $1,800 cords that replaced $800 cords that beat out $3,500 Enklein cords.

I would get these before doing anything else but be PATIENT- 6 weeks.
I have 3 of the AC cords waiting for me to install when I return from vacation. While I can't say I'm excited about a six week break in, I am excited to hear what they will sound like after break in is complete.
Hi All,

Interested on any update of the C-MARC cables so far, has anyone having the chance to listen to speakers and XLR interconnects?

I own the DFPC Signature and Original and Homage to Time XLR's, would like to know how different are these C-MARC over those i have now?

Best regards!!
I bought the C-MARC Power Cable and overall find it an excellent power cord except for one feature: the cable is a bit too dark, top end is a bit recessed and lacks a bit of shine and sparkle. Will it change with burn-in? So far the cable has 170 hours on it.
Many thanks in advance for any feedback!