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Less Loss & Shunyata power cords
I had good results snake River audio.  In fact they compared quite favorably to lessloss  
Has anyone heard new Less Loss C- Mark power cable?
Hi Mart2M; has the  passage of time brought any change to the Power Cord?  
C-Marc power cable
Has anyone compared them to Hijiri power cords  
Lector 603 CD player
Yes, great reviews.  A bit pricey.  I have a dealer willing to sell a Lector at demo pricing.  But no return policy.  
Lector 603 CD player
Larry, How does the 603 compare to its bigger brother?  
cec tl-5 oem usa version
I believe the TL5 went to a single belt at some point.  I wonder if this has elevated its sound.  It has gotten some sterling reviews.  Wonder how it compares to the Jays audio version in its newer configuration.  
Wywires Silver to Platinum interconnects. How big an upgrade would that be ?
How did it go with the platinum?  How are they with respect to weight of music?  I had read they were a little lean sounding.  
Roon drops signal
My network Arris Surfboard SB8200 router.  Our internet uses Plume Pods.  I run a 12 dollar unmanaged TP internet switch to the router and the Bricasti Network Bridge and the SGC sonictransporter, are connected to the TP switch.  Previously we had... 
Roon drops signal
Not much, unless you are really into computers and networking . Their customer support is abysmal; both for hardware and software.  
Roon drops signal
All of these issues started after I replaced my Roon Nucleus with the SGC sonic transporter.  I made that change after one of the ports on the nucleus broke and Roon was essentially useless in getting it fixed.     
Roon drops signal
Hi Spencer, Yes its all streamed files from Tidal.  I do have the latest updates on Roon and the sonic transporter; but no on my remote/tablet.  I think I will try the tablet update first, as that seems the least painful one to update.  Thanks fo... 
Tube rolling on Leven CS 600
Has anyone used the JAN Philips 6L6GWB? If so can you comment on its tone and midrange?  
Best 6550 NOS Power Tube for CJ Premier 11a?
I cannot speak to the tubes you are seeking; but have dealt with Early at HiFi Town and have found him to be extremely helpful.  His emails are full of useful information.  A true straight shooter. Have fun!  
EL 34
Has anyone used the Siemens EL34 from RAM tubes? 
EL 34
I have a Leben CS600.I believe the KT 77s would be an option.I would favor a smooth top end