Hana SL vs AT Art 9

Has anybody compared these two cartridges on their Turntable 

Very interested in this question myself.
I haven’t but owned an ART 9 for a while—outstanding cartridge. I understand from very reliable sources that the new AT OC9 series, particularly the top line model are extremely good for the money. Maybe have a look?
I own the ART9 and have listened to both it and the Hana SL in several systems including my own. My ¢2:

I love the Hana SL, but to my mind there’s no real contest. The ART9 is unashamedly excellent given its relatively low cost and can go toe to toe with, or win against, most of the "A-list" cartridges I’ve heard here or elsewhere. Resolution is excellent. Presentation is very neutral, erring ever so slightly on the side of warmth and it’s very dynamic with lots of "body". A truly excellent cartridge regardless of price and one I’d choose over a great many overtly coloured A-listers in the blink of an eye.

For the price the Hana SL is also an excellent cartridge, but it doesn’t rise to the rarified competence of the ART9. The Hana is also highly resolved, but the Shibata doesn’t dig quite as deeply in the search for detail. Presentation is more overtly warm, though not overly so, and it is a little lacking in the dynamics department in direct comparison with the ART9. However, for the price the HANA SL is truly an excellent cartridge with only minor compromises and many will no doubt prefer its slightly warmer, slightly more laidback presentation.
Agrippa's assessment lines up with my experience. I used the ART9. Heard the Hana several times in other setups.

The 9 is more detailed and dynamic to my ears.

The Hana is a nice cart,  but for a few bucks more the ART9 may be worth the expense for a warmer system?


you have the “ who’s who” of cartridges 
wonderful job

with your horn tannoy, I bet you get “ wow” dynamics

thank you for your response 

i could not tell what Phono amp you were using 


The phono stage is an Allnic H-1202, used in conjunction with an Allnic AUT 2000 step-up. The H-1202 already have very good transformers built in, but the ones in the AUT 2000 are even higher specced and provides an even more holographic soundstage.

Sure, the dynamics are pretty good. :-) Tannoy’s Dual Concentric drivers are particularly good in this regard, as well as excelling when it comes to reproducing the human voice.
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I have a very good memory of my ex ART-2000 cartridge, the ART-9 must be even better. At this price point there is nothing good on MC territrory today if you're not considering used market.

AT did an excellent job, the ART series always was in "best buy" category (imo). 
This should maybe be a new thread, but:
How about the Hana ML vs AT ART9?
These two carts are very closely priced and I expect closer in performance.
i own and love the ART9 though the buzz on the Hana ML sure does have me quite curious. 
Ideally looking for someone who has experience with both in his own system.  
If this is you let’s hear about it, please. 
I'm fairly curious about the ML too and hope I get to hear it soon.  Given the quality of the SL I fully expect it to be on par with the ART9.
I heard both 
ML & SL on a set of clearaudio TT with satisfy tonearms 

i found it hard to distinguish, between the two 
Both sounded very balanced and detailed 
I expected a larger differential in Sound 

BUT, This was at dealer that had both setup to compare and contrast 

AR Phono 
& Sabrina Speakers 

Interesting Jeff.
The reviews I've found comparing Hana SL/ML have noted substantially better sonics from the ML.
Of course, one person's "substantial" may not be substantial to another. ;-)

When,  I listen to unfamiliar systems it take me longer to digest and “ really”  hear.

I hear things more quickly on my home system, due to familiarity on the sound profile 

I’m thinking that the cartridges are  very good & I needed to listen for longer and bring my own albums 

The brother in arms album is not as dynamic as I would bring 

your right , my preference is not “ your” preference 


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Compare two videos on Analog Planet, one from Hana (Excel Sound) factory tour, another one from the Audio-Technica factory tour by M.Fremer. 

From technical point of view Allnic AUT 2000  step up's what about cartridge matching impedance wise? I have found nothing about it.

Hana SL has weird specs -  recommended impedance of >400 ohms.
IMO Hana ML at least from the first glance is easier to get into sweet spot - <100Ω (ML) . 

Why is the recommendation of >400 ohms for load resistance "weird"?If you use a 1:10 Step-up into the typical 47K ohm load resistor of an MM phono stage, you end up with the cartridge seeing 470 ohms. Just right for the SL.
You know good SUT with step up 1:10 and recommended impedance 30?
Allnic AUT 2000  on x 13 if it's not tuned should give ~ 300 ohms natural impedance.

Transformers do not have an "impedance" per se.  They reflect the impedance of the device connected to the opposite side, depending upon the turns ratio.  You're correct that an SUT with a voltage gain of 13 (i.e., a 1:13 turns ratio) would give an impedance of 278 ohms to a cartridge on the primary side, if loaded at 47K ohms on the secondary side.  But it's not a "fault" of the Hana, if the Allnic has that rather oddball turns ratio of 13.  Most typically, SUTs come in ratios of 1:10, 1:20, etc.  You could easily cure the problem, if it really is any problem, by installing a load resistor on the secondary side that is higher in value than 47K.  For the cartridge to see 400 ohms, the load resistor on the secondary would have to be about 68K ohms.
The AUT 2000 has four settings; +22dB (x13), +26dB (x20), +28dB (x26) and +32dB (x40).  Impedance for each setting is 278Ohm, 117Ohm, 69Ohm and 29Ohm respectively, if I remember correctly.
I have wrote about impedance of cartridge coils - 30 ohms.
Manufacturers do give recommendations (sometimes) about that also.
Of course we can say no to it. 

As about your example yes it's possible to change 47k ohms resistor into 68k ohms but I don't think that user will want to remove it from Allnic H-1202 and solder 67k into the place :)

FYI the ML is $1200 and has a middling output (.4mv) that might be a less than ideal match for some phono preamps.  
it also has an aluminum cantilever.  
hearing it briefly it has a channel imbalance and sounded a little brighter than my preference- also a higher amount of surface noise.  
I'll take the ART9 any day of the week.  
Still seeking info/insight from someone with direct experience listening to Hana ML and AT ART9 in same system.