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MoFi controversy
So nowadays new vinyl means DSD master file at the very beginning. Nice to know.  
MoFi controversy
It will make a lot of harm for the record industry. Especially for premium products. Sales was rising so well especially for premium records, now this trend can change.      
Aidas Cartridge
To whom you have returned it? Nowadays US distributor is  http://solypsa.com/      
180g new vs. NM used
LZ is a very good example as original vs remaster. I had most of LZ remasters and sold all of them. But it's not 100% true in all cases - some remasters are awful some are good ones. I am always looking into price difference in Discogs if remaster... 
Tube sound Comes, mainly, from? Pre or Power?
My phono and pre have output transformers. So mea culpa - I like speed of proper output transformer. In both amorphous cores and in phono it's silver wired. If to add sweeties into the mix easiest way is to change output tube in phono. If to speak... 
new Allison Krause & Robert Plant Pressing seems noisy
Steven Wilsons Remix of Aqualung in 24/96 sounds different. Does it sound better? It's a matter of taste.  
10 Inch Tonearms
goofygoot 12 ich tonearm is better for spu as you can’t add weight and if you look into SME 3009 R versus 3012 R - SME 3012 R is the better for application from eff mass point of view.Thus in Japan a lot of 3010 R was sold as they do have small sp... 
10 Inch Tonearms
Why I like10 inch tonearms:- 10 inch has more eff mass than 9 but still not so much as 12. I can always use heavier headshell if needed.- bigger distance from spindle compared with 9 inch less vibration etc. Also 10 inch is very easy to transfer a... 
Turntable versus tonearm versus cartridge: which is MOST important?
IMO to deduct from price about quality is difficult especially in audio. So comparison only on price is even more difficult.Although I haven't heard very cheap cartridge which plays very good on any system. If there is problems to discriminate goo... 
Liquid stylus cleaner without solvent
If to look from chemistry side in order to dissolve oil based contaminants you can't do it with pure water. You have to have dispersing agent and alter pH to alkaline side in order to make it work faster. Also IMO water based solvent for regular u... 
Opinions needed-fatigue
Just heard the same in big room with a little bit newer cartridge Shure V15III and more high end system. You can tame it a little - lower VTA (look tonearm height adjustment in manual) and try increase / decrease VTF to see what happens. 
Opinions needed-fatigue
Shure V15ii Does it have bonded elliptical stylus, not original one?+ medium mass tonearm 
I want to ask about deutsche grammophon's new lp vinyl.
I doubt about recording it to master tape or direct to diskDG is still missing audiophiles.They are still selling a lot of CD's in Germany.So it's digital due to various reasons. 
Classic Ortofon Cartridges: The MC2000 MK II or the MC3000 MK II?
Al2O3 - https://global.kyocera.com/prdct/fc/list/material/alumina/alumina.htmlIn laboratories and high tech it's used very often.  
Who needs a Diamond Cantilever...? 💍
Chakster it's funny but the biggest blob of glue is on Technics.With laser it's possible to inscribe Chakster on diamond tip.Although it's question of money and time. Who'll pay for that?