H2O 250 vs Mono's vs Spectron Musician III HELP

Guys, I have lived with Tube amps for the past year, but, have been trying to get more extension, presence, better soundstaging, bass, treble extension, and still not loose the midrange magic. My speakers are Reimer Tetons which vary from 3.8-4ohm, and are about 95db. I want it all, low level detail, with the ability to play louder than the loudest rock concert you have ever been too. I tried the DK design, but am returning it. I have read wonderful reports from many here on audiogon about these amps. I have tried the modded channel islands, gaincard, and gainclones(which were IMHO best of these)but was left wanting for dimensionality, and turned off by sterility of sound. The extension was magnificent, and detail retrieval 2nd to none. But, my heart still went back to Wavelength Cardinal X1's with WE 300B tubes, which could not gove me the volume I desire at times.

Please help guide me in my next pursuit.

Thanks in advance

Steve, I have at various times tried powerful ss amps, some were very good, such as the Cellos, but I keep coming back to SETs of low power. I will soon be trying a more powerful 845 amp, but that is still only 20 watts. The Wavac 833s are great sounding but beyond what I will buy. The only solution I know of is to seek efficient speakers.
Tbg, my new speakers are 95db, if my room was better, I would probably have either Johns, Avantgarde, some other horn facsimile. I must say, though, these Tetons are pretty amazing speakers, when compared side by side with my modified cornwalls, the additional deteail retrieval, and realism was outstanding. The bass was tighter, mid bass much more defined, midrange was smoother, more real sounding to my ears, and the real surprise came from the tweeter. The decay,and detail was much better. I had a real hard time moving away from horns.

I am waiting for a pair of TRL GT-200's to be built, so, this is propbably just a stop, gap for me. I figure 200 watts triode, should be sufficient for me, I hope.

The DK, once dialed in with the right pre-amp tubes, sounded wonderful at low to mid level, but grainy at higher SPL. Once again, the search continues.
I would strongly suggest the H2O Signatures, if you want to rock. These will blast you out of your mind. For the first time, you will be aware of the separate members of the band, at any given moment. They will be there. The H2O Signatures will slam, without ever seeming dry. They will coax out the slightest nuances of your recordings.
Henry will call me when he has a pair ready for me to buy(try)interconnect, and PC suggestions would be appreciated.
I love the Spectron, but I do not think it is right for you (although it is a good choice for me). It focuses on detail retrival and is about as dynamic an amp as I have heard (probably the biggest reason I love it). Have you considered the JC-1's. They seem more up your ally. They provide a good top end, great bottom end, and have just enough of that tube like magic you may be looking for. They are a nice mix of tube and solid state like qualities.
I have the stereo H20 if you want to listen to one. I have it at my house in Indiana. I may need to get you to bring one of your fancy digital front ends though! Bob
Muralman1, thanks for the feedback, I will know in a couple weeks.

Drhst20, great system, needs to be updated with your spectron, why do you like the Spectron more than the JC1's?

Have you ever heard the H2O's?

Baranyi, what part of Indiana ya inn?
The H20 is in Beverly Shores in the Indiana dunes. I spend most nights in Chicago though. I can't wait to try this amp on the Apogee Scintillas that Brian's friend Karl is rehabbing for me. Bob
Shunyata has won out over a wide collection of other brand power cords in my area. I believe that is due to Shunyata's close attention to shield strengths. I cannot emphasize enough, that all components should have well shielded cords when using PWM amps. I found made up Belden cords suffice.

The interconnects don't seem to be as vulnerable to radiation pollution.
Baranyi, Why not come over to Wilmette this week? Hear the DK, and my VRD's along with the APL, and TRL. Of course with the new Tetons too.

Baranyi, good points, so far I have not gone nutz on PC's for power amps YET. Mostly for source, and power conditioner. I am sure that will change soon, real soon.
Steve, my Acapella LaCampenellas are 93db efficient, but the 8 watt Reimyo SET 300b drives them easily. I have an 18' by 28' by 11.5' room, so the amp has to work hard.
I can't this week because I have my kids but next week is a real possibility if you are available. Bob
Tbg, great looking speakers you have there, I read they are voiced with Einstein, if so, why use Reimyo? Just wondering. Tbg, I get the feeling you do not look for 120db plus peaks at times, like I do. There is no way that 8 watts in a room your size would do it for me. I am deciding to join the TRL club with a pair of GT-200's to base my system. They will be done within 60 days, than I will have unlimited power with whatever speakers I decide on. BTW, my room is over 7000 cubic feet.

Best of luck in your journey

Baranyi, just let me know buddy, I look forward to meeting you.
You should look at the TacT amps, the S/M2150, or the new TDA2200 or Boz amp. There are many TacT users worldwide
using high efficient horn speakers. Plus, the new amps offer
digital EQ and room correction features.
You should have a listen to Nuforce Ref8b amp only
$1750.00 before you buy any other amp this will
be big name real soon
I looked the Nuforce up, being a new name to me. I have to say, it seems a good contender in the middle end market. Seeing that the amp has a digital supply (no surprise here) I questioned whether it would be a contender with any of the amps mentioned here, especially the H2O.

A google search turned this up via Soundstage:

"Although I don’t see NuForce threatening Tripath or ICEpower any time soon, I hope the company can attract some deep-pocketed manufacturer to license its technology. The Sound Dynamics speakers were pretty good, but they’d never impressed me in my system as they did in the NuForce setup. I can’t help but think that the gentlemen from San Jose, California have created a technology to rival Dr. Tripath’s, and perhaps outperform it. For such a dramatic entrance into high-end audio, NuForce’s little amp deserves a big Jimmy on the mantelpiece."

Comment, Kana?
Take it from me I've heard them all
But these are real revalutionary only mid thing is the price
these are in the Halcro class.
As attractive as it is to want to "have it all", there is no such thing. All designs are compromised in some way or other, depending upon their primary goals.

In the end, it is always a "trade-off" of something for another. There is no perfect amp or perfect speaker, and it comes down to what combination gives you the best of what you want, with least compromise in other areas.

If there was a "perfect combination", then everybody else would be out of business.
May be your right amp speaker matching is important
thats why they use feed back from the speaker terminals
so it's more likely to mate with lot more speakers of different kinds than normal. should see some reviews
Muralman1- my comments are the same. If you're going to
go digital, then use a devise that doesn't need/use feedback in it's design and eliminates the need for a separate DAC & preamp. Less AD & DA conversions and cables equals better sound. Add in digital room correction/digital EQ to touch up your less than perfect room,speakers and recordings. For DIY speaker builders or folks that want to add subs or external tweeters the devise should digital crossovers.
Kana, One analogue H2O owner is using a TacT preamp, and likes it. I'm not sold on TacT's correction system, as yet. I enjoy a very wide sweet spot in my room configuration, where I can enjoy the music from all places downstairs.

One thing that has always troubled me about the digital train to the TacT DAC, is.... What if I don't care for the TacT DAC? Do the TacT amps have a digital out for people like me?
"Do the TacT amps have a digital out for people like me?"

Muralman1- yes, it's called the SDA2175.
I don't know about high-end amps, but I think the Nuforce amps would suprise you with their insight into the music.

It is not correct to think that the TacT makes for a smaller sweet spot and limits where things sound good. When people sit off-axis at my house, they have been pleasantly suprised by how good it still sounds.

George, the TacT I am familiar with has to correct for an obstacle course. That may explain our different experiences.
I am now listening to Michael Franks "Tiger in the Rain" with Nuforce 8.02b's with Oritek X-2 interconnects, an album that I've heard hundreds of times. Boy, it sure sounds good.
Try the Wyetech Topaz monos - I just bought a pair & they drive my Sonus Faber Amatis with ease. They replaced the Classe Omega & seem to have as much power with much more detail. The Omega sounds like a tin can next to them!