Spectron amp isolation

I am looking for an amp to power Eggleston Andra IIs, but need to find something in 17" wide and doesn't get too hot so that it will fit in an entertainment center. Have thought about the Cary MB500s, Bryston 7BSST or maybe the Spectron. The Spectron would be great from a single box, power and temperature angle. But I feel like when I read about the Class D amps like the spectrons, rowlands or others, it seems like people talk a lot about cables and isolation. Whatever amp will unfortunately have to be stuck in a cabinet with a bunch of other HT electronics and will more than likely have a lot of cables around it. Does anyone have any experience with the Spectron in less than ideal surroundings? It would be nice to get that kind of power in a manageable package. Thanks for any thoughts.
I bought a Spectron amp two months ago. It is by far and away the best I've had, and I've had Krell, Karan and Burmester.

Spectron recommends these for support: Spike Sound Will Isolation Feet. They're inexpensive and work well. Look for the review on them at: http://www.stereotimes.com/

I've used Equarack footers under the Spectron mono-blocks since I got them. They work really great with all kinds of gear since they need to be setup for the weight/weigh distribution of the component.

I recently installed two wall shelves above the credenza for the Einstein phono preamp, and it's no longer possible for me to maneuver around and install the Equarack footers. Even with the stock rubber feet, the Spectron performance is fantastic. Of course, it all depends on floor construction and other environmental/system conditions.

Hate to second guess the OP, but I believe he was asking about RF isolation (which is often a problem with class D amps, such as my own ARC 150.2), not physical isolation. The typical symptom is that you get a lot of noise if you have a tuner anywhere near the amp. Otherwise the issue is not quite as obvious. So the question should be, has Spectron solved the RF isolation issue? (I'm interested in the answer, because currently my two "dream amps" are either the Spectron, or the newly announced ARC DS450.)
Concerning RF isolation, if that's the question, I use Silent Source power cords and interconnects.

I also have my CD Player and Spectron running through a Topaz 5.0 kVA Ultra Isolation Transformer.
Yes, thanks for clarifying that. I was more worried about electrical interference than physical.
My Spectron amps don't have any RF problem. I can turn the volume all the way up, with nothing playing, and there is absolutely no sound, hiss, buzz, hum, etc. coming from the speakers. BTW, this is in NYC.

I've had a Spectron amp (Musician II, with upgrades) for about 10 years in two locations, and have never had any problems with RF or cabling.
I auditioned a Spectron Musician III Mk.2, and it had RF issues.
What are RF problems? You can hear ham radio through it? Tapping into NSA? 
There was a strange, sporadic static sound.
"There was a strange, sporadic static sound."
Defective power module which should be removed and sent to Spectron for repairs. 7 years warranty coverage.