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What's Your Experience with Digital Switching Amp?
I assume problem with MIT and ICEPower is that the network cables are of a high capacitance design with capacitors in the signal path. Best results are had with low cap desings like Nordost, Empirical, VH, and from what I hear the Anti-Cable may b... 
New H20 Signature S250
Jman You are welcome. You've got nothing to by lose trying it. Carlton 
New H20 Signature S250
JmanThe H20 also works well with low capacitance IC.Carlton 
New H20 Signature S250
JmanBefore getting a preamp. I would try your 390s balanced direct into the H20. Its low output impedance output should mate very well.Carlton 
Anyone hear the JAS Orsa/Gini room HE2005
I thought the mini setup with the Orsa Monitor was one of the best sounds at the show.Carlton 
Are the H2o signature monos stable dwn to one ohm?
MitchAll H20 amps are stable with one ohm loads. There are at least four people that I know of that are using various H20 amps to power 1 ohm Scintillas. I have the Sig S250. This is the only amp that I have owned that is not constantly being remi... 
Amp for Apogee Stage's
Go to www.iceh2oaudio.comThis is a amp that I own that was designed and voiced with Apogees.Carlton 
Better sound quality than the I-pod?
If you want to optimize the sound of the ipod get a autocharger and connect it to a jumpstart system with a 12 sla battery. Transforms the unit to a real sleeper using the headphone output with remote control through navipro ex. Carlton 
New H20 Signature S250
rpwMy amp was purchased as a Signature S250.Carlton 
New H20 Signature S250
I own the above amp. Words cannot describe my pleasure in owning this amp. Carlton 
Is Funkadelic's song "One Nation Under A Groove"
Yes Dont Fake the Funk or your nose will grow. 
What class "D" Amps Excel at inner detail
The H2O has me know longer looking for an amplifer. Along with my Scintillas it is a permanent part of my system. What don't you have with the H2O? Top performance amplifier that is hand made by the designer Henry HO, a true talent. Most who have ... 
H2O 250 vs Mono's vs Spectron Musician III HELP
Go to www.iceh2oaudio.comCarlton 
which amp should i get another marsh, aragon, eAR
Audition them all if you can. My reference amplifer the H2O is available for audition from www.iceh2oaudio. Carlton 
Audio Alchemy OM-150 Comments
From what I have read this amp may be hard to have repaired if it fails. No schematics available and it contained some proprietary circuits. Carlton