anyone compared ASR emitter amp with Spectron ?

Did anyone had the chance comparing ASR Emitter amp to Spectron Musician ?
What is "ASR Emitter amp"?
Never heard before
Can you provide the link
Here is what I found
Thank you for the link. I think Spectron and this amp are two different beasts and its very difficult to compare.

ASR has battery based driver stage while Spectron's entire power suppies are highly regulated. ASR retailed for $24k in 2006, Spectron, with all upgrades, $10k now ( they have promotion now). Spectron at least twice more powerful which could be vital in some speakers and has no effect in others...

OP did not indicated the speakers he intend to use with amplifier, nor budget....
I have owned an ASR Emitter. It is an incredible amplifier - one of the best in the world if you need that much power (and if you don't, but then you are overspending). Meaning it is (at least) as pure and direct as the best 45 SET amp but with 180 (?) watts into 8 ohms instead of 2. (Although by no means does it really sound like a SET amp - it sounds better than almost all of them.)

(I currently own a Tom Evans Linear A and actually these two amps sound quite similar in many ways. I dwelled on this and came to one thing: they share the same rather odd feature of using opamps for voltage gain in the driver stange.)

Now, I have never owned or even heard a Spectron amp, *but* I have owned many class D amps of similar design. I know the Spectron is highly regarded, but if it comes anywhere near the Emitter in terms of correct tonality, noise floor, and microdynamics, I would be quite stunned.

If you really need the power of the Spectron that's a different story. But if you do need that kind of power consider new speakers. :)
" Now, I have never owned or even heard a Spectron amp, *but* I have owned many class D amps of similar design.."

Me too, I also never owned or even drove Ferrari but after my experience with Yugo I have difficulties to trust vehicles with internal combasion engine !

Have ever owned or even heard about Mark Levinson and Jeff Rowland, Weiss and Kharma? Be warn, some of their top models are......class "D"... Shhhhhhhhhh
Dob, have you owned either of the amps in question? Your reply suggests not yet you decided to offer an opinion anyway. I suggest mine was actually a bit more relevant.
"Dob, have you owned either of the amps in question? Your reply suggests not yet you decided to offer an opinion anyway. I suggest mine was actually a bit more relevant "

I do own Spectron and know it rather well However, I have not owned or auditioned Emitter so I was careful enough NOT to offer any opinion or comparison of their sonic sonics - this why you did not even recognized that I know one amp at least. I did compare what I could based on the review e.g. prices, stated power etc. I think its limited, of course, but fair. Was it helpful? I will leave it to original poster and certainly not to you.

My previous post, you refer to, is just is a joke of YOUR statement [ and has nothing to do with OP] that while you did not hear specific amp in question you can make SONIC opinion based on your exprience with... other amplifiers where is only one common thing among them: class of operations.... e.g. "light trucks" You should not do it in the fuiture.
I still put some stock in my educated guess that the Spectron *does* have some traits in common with other class D amps - especially considering the feedback I've heard, which jives with that. The Emitter is a truly world-class amp, on the other hand. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. :) In any case, the OP should really seek out auditions, of course.

I think you should lighten up a little bit too.
Thanks guys so far.

I know it's kind of different products but I have an opportunity buying a used ASR while I always think about trying a spectron on the other hand. In Israel where i live I don't have many options auditioning hiend stuff so I usually buy based on opinions (and so i'm stuck with 3 preamps and 2 amps :).
I currently use a Pass 250 but I think that it's low input impedance limits my spectrum.I have tried before class D (JRDG 201) but I think the Pass 250 is richer and more dynamic.
Dob, I had a thought: since the Emitter uses an opamp input stage, it too is a "chip amp" of sorts (complete with massive amounts of feedback, though in a very fast local loop). Heck, you're right, the Spectron may well sound just as good. I wouldn't know!
Come on guy's you are comparing watermelon with a raisin just for fun go and check the prices on the used market here you will quickly notice that these are two very different products if i could find a ASR emitter anywhere close to 2k i would be willing to walk many many miles to pick it up and i am not in shape to walk and i don't like walking BUT FOR THAT PRICE I WOULD MAKE AN EXCEPTION.
I've heard them both, though not in the same system, and I feel comfortable saying they are not comparable in any way except music comes out of both of them. I'm pretty much resigned now that in this hobby for the most part you get what you pay for, especially as Mracoustat said, on the used market.
Second Mracoustat!
Between Spectron and ASR... ASR is my choice... miles ahead! FWIW.
You cant possibly compare these two amps! The ASR Emitter, both 1 and 2, are superiour in every way. It is an remarkable amp, which grows on you every day..and it sounds utterly amazing, even though it has a looong burn in time..

The Spectron has quite a bit of power yes, I know, cause ive owned it, but the Emitter is way More powerful! Who said the Spectron is more powerful is simply wrong!
I doubt there is any amp out there now which has more current available than the ASR, and it can output 1200 w if needed below 1 ohm, with the current to back it up! I own the Emitter 2 Exclusive now, and it is by far, the most awesome amp ive ever heard. Compare the Spectron to more cheaper amps, not agaisnt the Emitter, which by many reviewers opinion is among one of 2-3 best amps out there, regardless of price... Some say its The best amp in the world, period!