H.H Scott 460A Integrated Amp

I realise that this place talks about hi-end vintage, mostly out of my league but maybe some of you guys can help and point me to the right direction with my modest equipment. I’ve had a solid state Integrated Amp Scott 480A that was in my opinion a (The) good element of my gear back in the 80’s. After being absent of the hobby for about 20 years I decided to go back to vintage hifi and saw this mint Scott 460A. Bought it and yes, it works well, just like in my souvenir.(Driving a new pair of Kef Q550) But how well I can’t say, I have nothing to compare. Is this amp well regarded or is it as ordinary as many of that time? I know that Scott was renowned for its valve/tube amps but what about transistors ones? These days I’m looking at the Marantz PM8006 which is supposed to be in the same category, Same power, presented as a classic vintage built but fitted with high quality, modern components. Any thoughts? Thanks.
Your 80's comment had me worried. The 80's were awful for SS amps as so many chased after high wattage and low distortion instead of good sound. But the Scott seems to be from a bit before that and at any rate the web says good https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/hh-scott-480a.139616/

Now as far as comparing with Marantz, you have the Scott. You're looking at the Marantz. So why don't you just run them side by side and find out for yourself? Why would you care what anyone here thinks when you can hear for yourself?
What I would say is listen to the Marantz before you buy.  What I have heard I haven't been particularly impressed with, but YMMV. I like NAD a lot more right now in that price-point.

If you keep your Scotts, update the main power supply caps, it is way past time, and you may find it sounds better.

miller, I think he went out of his way to explain he has been out of audio for a long time and that he is asking for opinions from those familiar with the Scott how it in general compares to newer gear.  Seems logical. 
Jetter1, Thanks it is exactly that.I will have to listen to one and see....
I'd take an original NAD 3020 (1978) any time over any transistor Scott! Tube gear (amps, preamps, integrateds) were H.H.Scotts forte! Search for and buy a nicely restored Scott 233 or 299 integrated tube amp (I have two!). Alternatively a nicely restored NAD 3020 would be another good choice!
Thanks! There is a vintage hifi shop not far from me, with a bit of luck they may have one or the other.... :)

Did not know there was such a thing! Where is this vintage shop?
For vintage amps, look instead at rebuilt 50s-70s tube amps instead like EICO HF81 or HF35, Heathkit W5M, Leak ST20, Quad II etc.
@schubert , I am living in London, UK. The shop name is Audiogold. if you are not too far go pay a visit as their website don’t reflect all the treasures they have indoors. They sell vinyls as well...