Greenville SC / Hendersonville-Asheville NC areas

I've lived in the Greenville SC area for a while now and with one exception here and a few nearby in Greenwood and Florence (both SC), have yet to bump into any serious audio or HT people. I'm hanging this thread out here on the chance that people are looking for people to hang out and listen to music with/collaborate on systems, etc...
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try ... Todd

he lives in Asheville and is "in and out" of audio ... not sure if he is currently "in" or not!
Would be happy to share a listening session with a fellow Greenvilllian! I live in the North Main area. Drop me a line at coach_rusty (at) msn (dot) com and let us connect.

Rusty: Thanks for the post and for the in-mail while the post was still being moderator reviewed and approved! It will be great to hook up for some coffee and great music listening.

Jrinkerptdnet: I'll check out the email address for the gentleman in Asheville; there is also supposed to be (or was) a good 2-channel & HT dealer there for Legacy and other brands at one one. Thanks!
I'm moving to Winston Salem in May '15.
Come see us in Greenville, Scott. It's a pretty good time. :-)
I'm in Lenoir NC. Close to Blowing Rock/Boone NC. Some of you may have heard of Boone home of ASU.
Over the years, I have been impressed w/ the amount of Audio retail shops in NC- very clearly, you guys are doing "it" right. I love to travel there so I can get my "fix" of excellent gear and talk shop w/ the operators!

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
Bumping -

Hey guys, I'm up for a road trip, perhaps in June, to Greenville or Asheville. Not that far from W-S. Sound good?
Late June (3rd or 4th week works for me.....). Bump heard, felt and received :-) !!!! Let me get some hard dates nailed down. Should I assume weekends are better for everyone (since we probably all work to pay for this hobby and keep WAF to a maximum!)?
Bump heard, felt and received :-)
hopefully it wasn't the bump that originated in Nepal this past weekend!! ....

Guys, I might want to join in this fun as well, if I may be allowed to. I'm not too far from Scott_w. thanks.
Should be a lot of fun! The "Bump" to watch for will the low bass impact off the Aeris' !!! All kidding aside,...what happened to all those unfortunate people in Nepal is sad beyond words...
You know Audiogon is based in Greenville. Some of the 'staff' owns our speakers.
Late June is good but I have a wedding thing (not mine) the 27th in Durham.
I've got the house free this Saturday afternoon and evening (13th) if anybody's up for a listinin' shindig. Let me know.
Ah man...I have to fly out to S.A. for business travel on the 13th, gone for a while...sorry I will miss this!
Alas, Mark! Fresh output tubes in the SP3 are singing.
time starting end of June (30th) gets much better!
Late Notice: Zephyr and I pulled together a session this evening at my place in Greenville. All are welcome; email coach _ rusty @ (without spaces) for details.
Thanks for hosting another fun listening session; the new tubes are making things sound even better and good tunes and food were shared and appreciated!!!
Hi Cymbop, Zephyr24069,
are you guys planning on meeting anytime soon? I'm planning on being in the Greenville, SC area on Oct 15, 16. if there's a fun listening session coming up, do let me know. thanks.
Unless work puts me on the road again those days, I may be able to host in the morning, say 9am-1pm or so. Write me on Audiogon's message/mail system. I've not had a lot of time to listen with work and family lately so I am definitely overdue!
I'll be around that weekend, and can probably host if it doesn't work out for Zephyr.
thanks for replying guys.
oct 15 evening or anytime on oct 16 - hopefully one of these time will work. I'll message you guys once we get closer to the date.
15th or 16th should work for me, thanks!
Zephyr, how's that weekend shaping up for you? I still have decent flexibility and could host (though your rig is the one that's truly road-trip worthy.) Slight preference for an evening session because, y'know, it sounds better.
Did not offer the weekend,...I am trying to make the 15th or 16th morning work.
I could not offer the weekend; trying to finalize on morning of 15th or 16th.....
Hi guys,
15th morning won't work for me (driving to Greenville).
16th morning could work. I have a 2PM appt on Oct 16 so I would have to be done by 1PM so I could get some lunch before my appt.
Oct 15 evening after work-hours (say, after 6PM?) will also work, if do-able.
Oct 16 after 7PM will also work, once again, if do-able.
Morning of the 16th will work for me, we can definitely wrap up by 1pm; multiple places nearby to grab lunch. Let's take this off-thread via email to get to more detailed plans, start time, etc....
ok, Zephyr24069, let's take it off-line.
Is Scott_w also joining us on 10/16 morning?
You are both welcome....hopefully Cymbop can break free for a few hours too!!!
Oh yeah! Loop me into the emails.
I'm interested, although I'm 3 hour drive. Not received an email via my agon inbox though.
Sent a short while ago,...
Scott, I believe you'll find Zephyr's experience worth the drive. :-)
Hmmm no email in inbox yet.
Sent twice, also got your inmail, they filtered your email address. I spelled out a phone number for you to call me on.
Just sent a 3rd separate email using a different method and a L-I connect request. I just hate Audiogon Inmail lack of features and how it strips out ^&**()
Bombaywalla/Cymbop: Thank you very much for a great listening session over here. I appreciated sharing great new and old music together very much. Looking forward to the next iteration!

Scott_w: You were missed, we'll have to plan a bit differently next time in your neck of the woods or here in SC so that we can all get together!
As always, Zeph, it was a delight. Thank you.
Zephyr24069, got back into town today hence the late post. Like-wise had a wonderful time. Thanks for hosting us. Cymbop it was great to meet you. Let me know if you guys are passing thru my neck of the woods.
hello zephyr24069, cymbop, hope you guys are doing well these days & enjoying listening to your audio systems... :-)
you guys are very lucky as you will be in the path of totality for the Aug 21 solar eclipse. i understand that the hotels in your location are fully booked. Read that BMW is having a solar eclipse party with a driving school during the 1st half of the day but noted that it was not price-worthy for just a 1/2 day school...
Anyway, enjoy the eclipse. I will be observing & taking photos at my location (which is not in the path of totality). Should be exciting given that it never going to happen again anytime soon....  
It should be amazing,...I am definitely looking forward to it!!!
It's been a while...waking up the thread now that life has returned to a much more normal cadence of work and audio!  I wound up talking to a couple of audio-nuts in Asheville NC recently and also reconnected with a couple in Winston-Salem/Greensboro area recently.
Time to start getting some holiday and winter listening sessions back on the boards!
zephyr24069I am looking forward to your writings after these listening sessions.
Happy Listening!
Thank you jafant...if you ever make it up from Alabama, you are always welcome!