Grateful Dead May 77 Box Set Announced

Just a half hour ago announced they are releasing the new Betty Board Box Set from 1977 :-)

May 5 New Haven, CT

May 7 Boston, MA

May 8 Ithaca, NY

May 9 Buffalo, NY

... and will be transferred by Jeffery Norman using Plangent Processing (WOW that's great news)

Get Shown the Light, limited to 15,000 individually numbered copies, is available to pre-order exclusively from the Dead site. The Cornell set will also be available as a digital download in Apple Lossless and FLAC formats beginning May 5th. The Barton Hall concert will also be available in three-CD, limited-edition five-LP, digital download and streaming formats.

The full Light set will come in an elaborate box constructed by Masaki Koike, featuring a book by Peter Conners, Cornell '77: The Music, the Myth and the Legend of the Grateful Dead's Concert at Barton Hall, and an essay by Dead scholar Nicholas G. Meriwether. (Conners' book will also be available for purchase separately.)

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Legendary run of dates there.
Thanks! for sharing- otherone.
I hope Betty Cantor is being compensated with some of that $140...
.......and their system crashed ! The Cornell Crash !
I was able to finally get in and bought the - '' box set '' of all shows. This era and Europe 1972 are my favorite Dead times. Jerry was using the Travis Bean which I loved the sound of that guitar but not as much as ;  '' The Wolf ''.  I missed those shows as my first was not until 1978.   
I got my order in early this am.  As much money as (we) fans give to this band, it is unacceptable, to not have a working website?

I will finally get a taste of Cornell '77 - I am stoked.
ordered. and IIRC, all of May 77 is now avail for sale (or was). and guess who has all of it!

now, if they'd only get 5/8/78 for sale. --prob the best show i've heard. and i've heard a few (incl barton hall, which is great, i'm just saying 5/8/78...)
I ordered the complete box set, but I'm also wondering if the digital download will be 24/192 and represent a decent improvement in sound quality. 
unlikely given the recording technology used 

Plangent & HDCD is about the best you can hope for
There is vinyl, it's just the Cornell show (5 total LPs). 

The vinyl is not from the original analogue tape. 
As much as I love American Beauty, I really enjoy the Godchaux era dead. I just wish all their live stuff sounded as good as Reckoning. Europe 72' is pretty good sound wise, but not at the level of Reckoning. Cheers -Don
I ordered the 3 CD set

So with this new May Box Set here, the entire Spring 1977 Tour (except for 2 shows) have been officially released. How awesome!

I would bet that they will be filled eventually now that Betty's stuff is returned.

@ the 11:00 mark of Dave's seaside chat over at he acknowledges that SEVERAL HUNDRED, yes, that's right... Several hundred reels were returned that make over a 100+ shows to be releases over time.

Fun time to be a head!

@jayrossi13: Plangent Process is all you need to know here (as good as it gets).  Not sure if the Digital 24bit resolution will be available.  But this will shine even at 16bit

I'm tempted, but don't have anything special for a CD player. I'm running a Playstation 1, which is quite good, but not the most practical. May I divert this thread, and ask what everyone is using to enjoy their Dead on CD. I have a 5-6 titles I enjoy, but 90% of my music is on vinyl. It's interesting that they are using the HDCD process, which most manufacturers no longer support..... I want to delve further in to their live stuff, which so much of,  is only available on CD. I should mention, I was thinking about a Schiit Bifrost, and a fairly well made transport. Thanks in advance. Cheers -Don
I heard that transport before and it sounds like ; Schiit

Wish I could help you @fin04.

CD’s are pretty much out of my life now that small compact plug-n-play hard drives, thumb drives, music players are available and adapters for home stereo and car, etc... all are supported widely now-a-days. I transferred all my regular CD’s and DEAD CD’s to digital a long time ago (quite a project)

I take my CD’s and convert to FLAC, WAV, mP3, etc... pretty easy, plays seamless and no big bulky CD’s or cases. IMHO only :-)

My LIVE dead is 14 terabytes of FLACS & video... with many backups!!!

fjn04- Don,

for a cd player there has never been a better time to buy an updated spinner.  All of the classics, Sony, Pioneer, Denon, Yamaha, JVC, NAD,
...etc., still apply.  Happy Listening!

14T of Dead?  Excellent- I can hardly await for the new Cornell discs to arrive. Give me your listening impressions of the new CDs vs. your stored digital files.  Happy Listening!

Hey jafant -

Yes - 14 TB. All the sources available (sbd, aud, FM, Matrix's, etc..)

I can already tell you the best SBD out there of 5/8/77 in circulation was from Dan Hicks and it sounds amazing.

Yesterday at 3:30 Dave L. played Scarlet>Fire from 5-8-77 on Sirius Ch 23 (GD channel) and it really does sound even better.  Quite incredible actually and that was only in the car!!!

As clean as clean can be!!! We all should be really happy with the outcome of this box.

Sold out - they are now selling a reduced set of the original for $140
Very nice! otherone.

I am happy I bought  copy of the boxed set.
On a side note did anybody buy Grayfolded on vinyl and how is it?? Congrats to all who picked up '77 box. I haven't picked up anything since Europe '72 vol. 2, and JGB vol. 7 most recently. Lookin forward to first Shoreline shows in June. 
I’m a bit late to this party! Just heard about all of this today....need to check my official GD/Dead site emails and see where they went.

Anyway, the best copy of Barton that I’ve settled on was taken from the matrix version at I just listened to some quick A/B’s of the climactic end of Morning Dew using my copy vs. the pre-release from Rolling Stone’s website (and I have no idea what data rate that’s streaming at but assume it’s low). All of the instruments sounded more clear and distinct (particularly Phil’s bass) and Jerry’s quavering "any-wa-aa-a-ayyy" that ends the song was richer with greater tonality. Has anyone done anything similar? I’ve had SO many versions of Cornell through the years and was thrilled when I discovered archive’s set about a decade ago....I have to imagine that the upcoming material will be "the best yet" although th existing matrix is pretty darn excellent. Any other opinions/versions/AB’ers feel like weighing in?

@ highpercentile: 

The best SBD out there is Darrin Sacks

Source WBOTB Source -- 7" two track BBD reel encoded w/ DBX-1 noise reduction @ 7 1/2 ips > Sony PCM501ES @ 44.055 kHz. Sony PCM501ES analog out > DBX-1 decoder > analog in PCM501ES. PCM501ES analog out > Fostex D5 @ 48 kHz>DATs>ZA2>CDRs>EAC>SHN
Taped by Betty Cantor
Transferred by Darrin Sacks

There are two great Matrix's out there as well made by Hunter Seamon's and another one from Dave Usborne.  Both are really sweet sounding.

Usborne uses Jerry Moore's audience:

Handheld Shure 57's, 10 Feet From Stage, DFC>TC152>MC

Notes: 10 Feet From Stage = Great Instrument Pickup,
Vocals A Bit Lower Than Moore's Copy.

Hunter uses Teddy Goodbear's audience:

Audience 1 (shnid:117027)source: aud taped by Jerry Moore a) cassette master>10.5" reel @ 7.5 ips, dolby b provides a majority of the show

I did a Soundcheck like you using the Rolling Stone Mp3 vs. the SBD.

We are going to be thrilled with this release. It will be the holy grail.

I am looking forward to it all- otherone.

Happy Listening!

Whomever receives his copy- first, chime in!

Happy Listening!

@ otherone--looks like my "fav copy" is the Hunter Seamon version. it will be nice to have a terrific copy without the audience recordings necessarily spliced in! thanks for the info.
It will not be much longer before these sets start to ship...
now, if they’d only get 5/8/78 for sale. --prob the best show i’ve heard. and i’ve heard a few (incl barton hall, which is great, i’m just saying 5/8/78...)

@rhyno Are you thinking 5-7 or 5-9/78? No show for 5-8-78

sorry. i meant 5/11/78. springfield MO

@ rhino Quite alright, but if you desire the 5-11-78 it was included in Dick’s Picks 25 (which also includes the night before at New Haven 5-10-78).


If you’d like a copy please feel free to PM me.

Love this release

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Anyone receive their copy?
No, not from the mail yet.
But I'm getting the FLACS tonight!!

when it arrives a comparison to DP 25 would be interesting...
Can't wait for my 5LP set, but it's a May release date.
Getting closer to release guys...
FLAC’s comin this weekend!!
Very excited.

A closer look, if anyone hasn't seen yet.
The unvailing of the Box Set

All I can say is two words...

1. UN


Got the FLAC tunes and now today just got the email confirmation of the Box Set coming Friday to my door with all the (goodies) inside.

Will not spoil now... just beautiful stuff

a new thread for Don's hardware query above would be good, but...
what everyone is using to enjoy their Dead on CD:

I ripped mine ot Apple lossless on iTunes > WiFi to an Apple TV3 > DAC > ARC LS25 Mk II > Sunfire amp > Maggie 3.7i

i also have a Cal Audio player with PowerBoss and HDCD capable to use - may replace with Oppo 205

the Schiitt Yggy is a very, very good DAC, BTW
I received my shipping notice today as well.
I will post after receipt.

Happy Listening!
Nice system! randy-11

you never sold the CAL Audio spinner?

My set is slated to arrive today!

Happy Listening!

Love the fact that the Minglewood has NO patch!!!

Life is good... enjoy listening this weekend folks!

still have the CAL Audio spinner - may get the Oppo 205 (and use it as a DAC too); if so the CAL Audio spinner may just go downstairs as 2nd bedroom system (old Maggies and Sonic Frontiers Line 1 pre- also could be down there, at least for a while)

BTW, the downloads are listed as temp. unavailable right now on the GD website - maybe too many people are hitting the servers?
got mine today

first was 5/9/77. Help>Slip>Franklin, best i ever heard. 

sonics are incredible. mastering is A+. 

packaging is the stupidest sh&t i've ever seen. can't fit in my cd rack, any of them. 

and i know i wont be reading the book on cornell that was included. might as well go dance about my car. 

but the music? ---sheesh...enjoy folks (i know you will)
My 5 LP set arrived today.  (-: